Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Last Transfer Letter!

Hola my friends and family! 

First things first, I'm staying here in Sandusky with Sister Green! Surprise, surprise right? Haha it was funny because I almost forget transfer calls were last night, until it hit about 9:30 and I realized "Oh, we should be getting a call." Usually if I'm getting transferred, I'm super stressed and waiting for the call ALL DAY. So it was nice to forget about it, and I'm STOKED to stay here! 

Brooke's baptism is THIS FRIDAY, so I would've missed it by like two days. Plus, I just LOVE these people. I remember coming to Sandusky not too excited, and now I can't imagine my mission without these people! 

So this week was interesting. We did end up helping those people move last Wednesday, and it was actually really fun! Ha we didn't get hardly ANY of our cleaning done... but hey people are more important. 

Friday was the next day that anything was different than normal. We had ward coordination in the morning, then we drove with Brooke to Lorain for her interview. Ended up being there awhile, and we were sort of on baby-sitting duty (shhh) while she was being interviewed. So we played basketball with her boys in the gym, in our skirts. It was great! Brooke is doing really well and is excited for her baptism! Please continue to keep her in your prayers, the adversary is still throwing things at her to make her life hard. :( She just keeps moving forward though!

Saturday morning we helped the same couple move again, and once again it was pretty fun! Hard work though, so we rewarded ourselves with ice cream after :) Wednesday we got shaved ice! 

Yesterday was probably my favorite day of this week. Did District Meeting in the morning, then say Pat and Joe with one of our members. Saw Brooke after that, did some tracting, then went to a ward activity for Pioneer Day. Because Pat and Joe came to the activity!! They were able to meet a few people, (not as many people introduced themselves as I would've liked... but I'll take what I can get.) and they seemed to have a good time. (p.s. they came to church AGAIN this week. It blows my mind.) 

That's about it. Thanks for listening :) Love you all!!!

Love, Sister Maughan

District Picture - left to right - 

Elder Worthington, Elder Hunt, Elder Scoresby, Elder Christiansen, 
Elder Kitchens, Elder Walker, 
Sister Richards, Sister Archibald, me, Sister Green. :)

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