Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"I can walk in a straight line and have good thoughts"-Sis Green

Hi there! Sister Green actually said that sometime the week before, but I started saying it this week. Cause sometimes, it's good to remind yourself that at least you still know how to walk and can be positive. :) Haha Sister Green says random things all the time, I love it!

Transfer news is that Sister Green and I are staying together, and Sister Ashby is going to.. wait for it.. PERRYSBURG! The town that has my heart <3. She is actually going to be "shotgunning/whitewashing" the area with Sister Anderson. So I've been overwhelming her with info about all the people I love and want her to say hello to for me! The other news is that they took one set of elders out of our ward, so Sister Green and I are probably going to be taking over part of their area! I'm really excited!

Some things that happened this week.

We made brownie smores at 9:30 at night!

                                        Abby and Sister Green eating late night smores!

Drove the hour to Westlake for Zone Conference. Missionary friends, spiritual encouragement, good food=win! 

Followed up with someone we met last week, ended up talking to him on his back porch for 2 hours. He is really cool and we are hoping that we can continue to work with him! When we first found him tracting, he mentioned that he usually doesn't open the door to missionaries like us, but he thought we were his neighbors so he did. :) Everything happens for a reason!

Saturday we had planned a church tour with the elders, for investigators or members' friends or whoever wanted to come. No one came :/

Sunday we spent 3 hours tracting/contacting on the same street, because everyone there wants to talk to us! 

Yesterday morning we went running in the morning with a member on this beautiful bike trail! I'll have to take pics next time if we do it again. 

Now we have a whole other set of adventures for the next 6 weeks! I'm so grateful I still have this time to not only to learn and grow myself, but to share the light of the gospel with others! 

Love you! Talk to you next Wednesday!

Sister Maughan

p.s. The Ohio humidity/heat is BACK :P

                                                          District Picture (off centered!!)

A fun picture of Abby's tan lines on her feet.
(she will probably kill me for posting this!!  But I thought it was fun!)

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