Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Three heads are better than one :)

Hello! The first thing I'll let you know is the trio is going great! It's been interesting balancing/working it all out, but we are all really open with each other. We've seen tons of miracles in just the week that we've been together, and the spirit feels much stronger as we teach and testify. We keep joking that it feels like we've been together for months already!

So Wednesday, we picked up Sister Green at Westlake. She was coming from Strongsville, and I found out that they are putting elders in that area now. :( Not that I don't trust elders, but it will be weird knowing the Backer family won't have sisters anymore! 

It's been so fun having Sister Green coming from there though, we talk about Strongsville ALL THE TIME (it probably drives Sister Ashby crazy haha). When we got home, we did some tracting and were blessed to have someone let us right in. It was an older couple, and they aren't really willing to change, but it was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father to let us practice teaching together for the first time.

We've done a LOT of knocking on doors the past 7 days, and it's actually been really good. Every day we meet at least one person who is willing to learn, or who has talked to missionaries already in the past. Most all of them set return appointments. Some of them don't answer the door when we go back for those appointments, but some of them do! Yesterday, we had 2 of our return appointments fall through, so we were about ready for the third to fall through as well. We were running late, walked up to his house (his name is Rob) and he was about to pull out of his driveway. "No, not again!" Haha but he actually saw us, stopped, got out of his car, and directed us to his front porch where he had set up chairs for us! He had gotten home late, thought he had missed us, and so was heading out again. We talked to him for about half an hour, and it went really well! 

There are SO many more little stories like that I could tell you this week. I love it! :)

Our investigator Brooke and her family are doing great. We were able to talk to her two sons and set the goal of having them baptized with their mom in a couple months! One of the sons even came to stake conference with her (mostly Brooke has been coming by herself), so that was a huge miracle. Especially because Stake Conference was all the way in Westlake, and it was broadcast from Salt Lake, so not super interactive for an 8 year old boy. 

We also set a baptismal goal with our investigator Linda. She is a huge tender mercy. We found her that first Sunday it was really warm, about a month ago. We hadn't been knocking on any doors, just talking to people outside, because EVERYONE was outside. I on a whim decided we should knock on this home, not really feeling all that inspired about it at all. And there was Linda, super willing to talk with us. She has a true desire to feel God again in her life, and is just so kind and fun to talk to! 

Those are the big miracles we've seen, though I'd love to say that ALL of the miracles we've seen are big. Each of them have reminded me that God really is in the details of this, that this is His work, not ours. We are here to be instruments in his hands. So when things work out the way we had planned, that's great. :) When they don't, we know He has something greater in store for us. I hope I can remember and continue to see the blessings that are all around us every day. 

Have a wonderful week, happy mothers day to all the moms out there! 

Love, Sister Maughan

                             ​​Abby introduces Sister Green, their new companion in their trio.  
                        She wrote --Sister Green is from Mapleton, Utah. She's been out for 
                 9 months, so I'm still the oldest mission year wise. Her b-day is January 31st                                           though (just like someone else I know! ---shout out to Carlee !! ) 
                                          So she's just a little bit older than me in real life :) 
                                                **I don't know why my mouth is open all the 
                                                     time lately when we take pics. Whatever. 

                                            Sister Maughan, Sister Ashby and Sister Green

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