Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Shaved Ice and Ohio Barns

Just because that was the title of the pictures I sent, and I liked how random it was :)

HELLO out there! The thing about hanging out with humans is that one person can be incredibly happy (me- when I found out Victoria got baptized in Tallmadge. Then also Shaved Ice just makes your whole LIFE better, let alone the whole week), and the other can be incredibly sad (one of my companions has been sobbing the last few minutes after reading one of her emails :( ). This life is full of ups and downs, and we have to be here to support each other through all of it! 

Anyways, this week was pretty good. I got whatever Sister Green had, so we ended up taking some sleep breaks because either she or I could NOT function. To the outside people, it probably just looked like a cold, but it made us feel AWFUL. Survived it though, and now we both are working on getting our voices sounding normal again and getting over the after cough stuff. So far, Sister Ashby has stayed healthy, thank goodness!

As for missionary work. Brooke this week was actually down too, she had surgery again on Tuesday and this one was a lot harder. So we didn't get to see her until this past Monday, but she is still doing great! Gave us her wedding invitations, and it made me happy to see "The Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints" written in bold on the front as where she is getting married! :) Haha I'm just now realizing I don't even know how much I've told you ALL about Brooke and her family, I may have just told a few of you. If you have questions... feel free to ask! 

Saturday was interesting. I hadn't been fully sick until that morning, but we were supposed to go help a member that had broken her foot with service that morning, so I had just prayed that I'd be able to feel good enough to help that day. Sure enough, I was able to help clean for the two hours we were there, and then as soon as we got home... I crashed. My head was so fuzzy, we were trying to do companion study and I just could not think! So we stayed in until a few hours later, when we had a set appointment with a potential investigator (who is now a new investigator. Yay!). Ate dinner at Wendys and I just went all fuzzy again, but I really didn't want to make us go back in. So we went and contacted a young couple we had met a few streets over. And stood outside for an hour and a half listening to them tell us why everything we believe in can't possibly be true, and nit picking every detail of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. :D Love those moments. We listened, we testified, though there was no listening on their part, and we went our merry way knowing we did the best we could. People like that always tend to strengthen my testimony, even though they are trying to tear it down. "Not today, Satan!"

Sunday we went to church, had lunch with all the missionaries and a member family after, and I wanted SO BAD to work after. So we went and knocked on two doors, and I just fell apart, and we had to come back home for a couple hours. I was able to work the rest of the night though, and then Monday I woke up feeling SO much better! Yay for being able to do missionary work like normal again! 

You're welcome for giving you a detailed description of my sick life. Haha, overall, this week has just been another week of learning, growing, crashing, getting back up, falling apart, and living life the way it was meant to be lived. I'd leave you with an inspirational quote I read from Thomas S Monson this morning... but I can't remember what it was! So go get on and find one that helps you! :) 

Love you all! Thanks as always for listening to my random Ohio stories. I love sharing them with you! 

Love, Sister Maughan

**Note from Abby's mom!
I had to include this with this blog post today.  
I know how happy Shaved Ice makes my sweet Abby!!  
So this is a HaPpY post!!!

Abby wrote - 
Shaved Ice= Tender Mercy of my mission. 
Like I said before, there are ZERO shaved ice shacks here in Ohio. 
Yet I get put in the one place there actually IS ONE!!!! 
Wahoo, thank you Heavenly Father :)

Sister Maughan, Sister Green and sister Ashby
enjoying some shaved ice!!  
Love those smiles!!

A beautiful Ohio Barn

Our beautiful Missionary, Sister Maughan with an Ohio barn!

Sister Ashby, Sister Green and Sister Maughan with an Ohio barn

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