Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Each Life That Touches Ours For Good"

When you are on a mission, it feels like you talk to a MILLION people a day. None of them are very interested in changing their beliefs. Yet they are all very friendly, a handful of them will even agree to have you in their home and discuss beliefs, and some of them give you free leggings!

Haha let's just say we had some adventures this week! ;)

Thursday was another crazy day, as usual. We had an incredible lesson with our investigator Rose about the Plan of Salvation. They are from Brazil, I can't remember if I already told you about them or not. She is a cute young mom, and just loves talking to people of different religions and learning about them. She is learning English still, so we have a language barrier sometimes, but other than that she is awesome! 

Right after that, we saw the Hispanic family that we are working with. We invited Sister Merrill to come with us, since she speaks Spanish and has a daughter the same age as their daughter. We are usually there only half an hour. We taught them the Plan of Salvation as well. Up to this point, we have just been teaching them from the Bible, because that's what the mom wanted the kids to know about. Long story short, we ended up being there for about an hour (and Sister Merrill stayed after we left for another half hour), explaining more of our beliefs and answering their questions. We also learned that the dad, who is usually at work during all of this, is SUPER Catholic. :/ The mom seemed to be interested in learning still, but we are worried what will happen with them this week. They are the cutest family and I will miss them a lot if they decide not to have us over anymore! 

Since we were there so long, we were SUPER late to our dinner appointment, and then had to run to another appointment right after that. Thursdays are so busy, I don't understand why!! 

This week we were also able to see Vicky again. She was still too sick to come to church this week :( So we ended up moving her baptismal date to April. Fun story with how we changed it with her though. We usually make up little calendars with our investigators once we have a set date with them, so they can see what lessons we need to teach them and what they need to do in order to make that date. We had made her one for her March date. Well we went there yesterday, knowing we'd need to remake one for her... and she had already made it herself! She picked out the new date in April, which happened to be the same date we were thinking of, and had written in "church" on every Sunday until then. Vicky is awesome! She knows so much and she is going to be a huge blessing to the members here.

Alright, I'll get to the free leggings story, and then probably end there for the week. :)
So we were out contacting Monday, and as we are walking down the street these two squirrels race out in front of an oncoming car! One of them makes it to the other side (I'm watching this whole thing while we are walking), and I'm hoping the other one will too. No such luck. :( Basically, I just watched a squirrel die! Sister Archibald and I were in a weird mood and like both really sad and laughing are heads off. The squirrels in Ohio definitely keep things interesting!

Obviously that has nothing to do with free leggings, but wait! We continue walking down the road and knock on the door of a old referral. Find out he doesn't live there anymore, so we knock on the next door neighbors door. As soon as we introduce ourselves, the lady goes "Have you heard of LulaRoe?" I hadn't, I'm assuming some of you Utahans know what it is, but apparently it's this modest comfy clothing line based out of Salt Lake. This lady talks to us all about how she sells it at her house and loves it and loves the values our church has, takes us into her basement to show us her little store she has there, and gives us a pair of LulaRoe leggings! Haha it was so random but awesome! She was not interested in learning sadly. But she definitely brightened our day, and made us forget all about dying squirrels! ;)

                 Sister Maughan and Sister Archibald in the leggings this lady gave them !! 

She wasn't the only random stranger who let us in this week and just talked with us and encouraged us to keep going. So that hymn that's the subject line, and my introduction statement is SO true this week. Those little people that are placed in your life, that help uplift you, or teach you something new. I probably will never see any of them ever again in this life... yet I am SO grateful to have met them. 

So my challenge to you... is to be that person for someone else! You never know if you holding the door open to someone, or talking to a stranger at the store is exactly what they need to keep going in life. You may never see them again... so seize the opportunity while you have it! They need you, and more importantly you may need them! You all have made my life AMAZING, and I know you can bless even more people if you'll just take the opportunities that are presented to you.

Love you! Thanks as usual for listening to my random Ohio stories, I enjoy sharing them with you. CTR and have a great week!

-Sis Maughan

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