Thursday, March 16, 2017

Carpe Diem

Wow, last Wednesday felt like years ago... yet this week went by so fast! I am getting super nervous about transfers, since I'm pretty sure I"ll be headed out.. and I just want to know where. But I also am going to miss these people a crazy amount of a lot, and I really don't want to leave them. Oh mission life....

Let's see what stories I can share with you this week.Thursday was Zone Conference. We combined with the other Akron Zone, so it was fun to see some missionary faces that I haven't seen in awhile. Learned a lot, and made a lot of commitments to improve! Zone Conferences are a great way to review where you are at, and how you can do even better.

The rest of the week was pretty normal... nothing new to report. Monday, we saw Vicky and taught her about temples and family history. She was so excited! And my testimony of the importance of temples grew stronger as we taught her. Monday night, we traveled to Wadsworth to go on exchanges with the Sisters. It snowed a TON that night (and last night), so we have about a foot of really good powder hanging out on the rooftops and streets. :/ We looked at it as a blessing though, and shoveled lots of driveways Tuesday morning! I was with Sister Reddish for the day. Talked to a few of their members/investigators. One of them even played his banjo for us haha! 

We came back to our area at about 6, and went to see Martha. It was such a good lesson! We just reviewed the Restoration, and her twins were there for the last half. We helped them say the closing prayer, it was awesome! Martha is doing really well. She has a huge heart and a desire to do good in her life- to help her family and neighbors and friends and strangers. She's just the best! Another family I am going to miss like crazy :( 

And now it's Wednesday! Sorry there's not too much too report. Mostly, I was just reminded this week that this truly is a "labor of love". Sister Gibbs would remind me of that all the time back in my Strongsville days, and to have that reminder this week (especially when Sis Gibbs is going home next Thursday. Ahh!) was exactly what I needed. We truly are ALL brother and sisters. Knowing that fact, that God is our Loving Heavenly Father, that we are all one big family, enables me to do things I never thought I could have done. It enables me to walk into the houses of strangers and immediately strike up a conversation with them. It enables me to teach them about the changes they can make in their lives to bring them greater peace and happiness. Most of all, it enables me to LOVE them. Whether it's a stranger slamming the door in my face or a member of the church that loves and adores missionaries. God has placed us all in each other's paths for a reason, and one of the main reasons is just to share His love!

I know that this gospel is true. That this church truly is Jesus Christ's Church established again on the earth. This is the only way we can truly find JOY in our lives. Our lives, our families and friends lives, are blessed and improved as we LIVE the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ every day. I've seen that to be in true in my life, and I've seen it to be true in the lives of so many others. So why not share it? One thing we learned at Zone Conference is to "Open thy mouth". This is the greatest message we canshare with the world. Yes it is scary, but YES is it worth it. 

Love you all SO MUCH. You are incredible and you are enough. Go out there and "seize the day!"

Love, Sister Maughan 

                                                Sister Maughan and Sister Archibald
                        Abby sent this picture this week.  I had to include it with this post.  
                  This is the dress that Natali and I picked out to send her for her birthday.  
                                                           She looks beautiful in it!

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