Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I LOVE February!

Did I mention that I LOVE February? 

This week... good things happened. Brought members out teaching with us that saved the lessons. Set some baptismal dates with people that will hopefully stick. Mostly, it's just been adjusting to how everything works with the new schedule. Especially because we don't even "count" lessons anymore! 

One fun miracle that happened I don't think I mentioned yet is we met a new investigator named Martha! Sister Archibald and I tracted into her a couple weeks ago, she didn't have time but said we could come back, and I was pretty sure that meant she wasn't interested. But Sister Archibald and her faith kept us going back. One day, when we weren't even planning on stopping by to see her, we drove by her house and saw her and her twins just getting out of the car. Sister Archibald was like "WAIT!" haha, so we turned around and they let us right in! We mostly just answered her questions about what we do as missionaries. We are going back tonight to officially teach her, and I'm really excited! 

We also deep cleaned our investigator Vicky's house the other day. Vacuuming millions of spider webs always seems to make your day brighter. ;) Her friend Pete came by while we were cleaning, he sounds like Gru from Despicable Me! So that's cool. 

As usual, we've been able to run into a handful of new people who say they are willing to talk to us.. so as long as they keep to that haha. That's the only down side to this area, we FIND people all the time (which weirds me out, none of my areas before this one have been like that), but the people we find only meet with us once or twice and then fall off the radar. We are keeping the faith though, and I know there are people here who are ready to accept the gospel. It's just trusting in the Lord's timing and doing everything we can on our part. 

Everyday, I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here. It's HARD, and we have a lot of break down moments throughout the weeks when either Sister Archibald or myself can't take it anymore. It's a consistent learning process, every day you have to overcome the challenges that come your way... or you won't go anywhere. I've come to learn to be grateful for the trials and challenges we face. Heavenly Father truly has us in His hands, and I'm constantly learning to just trust in His will. 

Keep on keepin on my friends! I love you all and know I think of you and pray for you often!

Love, Sister Maughan

p.s. Yes, I'm staying in Tallmadge with Sister Archibald!

Abby's District 
 Elder Ledua, Elder Allen, Elder Vance and Elder Hopkins,  
Sister Maughan and Sister Archibald

Sister Maughan And Sister Archibald

The "CVC" pic (Cache Valley Crew!) 
These three are all from Cache Valley, and are serving together.
Sister Maughan, Elder Hopkins, and Sister Archibald.

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