Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"What do missionaries do?" "They go on a mission." :D

Hello out there!

This week was really incredible. I love working with Sister Archibald and seeing her passion and enthusiasm for the work. It makes me sad that as time goes on, us missionaries kind of lose that fire and excitement because of the daily repetition of our schedule. I also love working with her because it helps me reflect on when I first came out... and I CANNOT believe that was almost a whole year ago! I still feel brand new, but my time is already on the down hill. I'm really hating that time is going by so fast, because this experience will be over before I know it/want it to!

Ahh so recap of this week. Friday was a really good day, and we saw some fun miracles. First, we met a man we're teaching named Jim at the library with one or our members. Turns out our member actually went to high school with him back in the day (they're both in their 60s) and they know each other's family! There was definitely a lot more chatting in that lesson that actual teaching, but I really have no complaints!

Later that day, we were able to teach a couple young women aged girls that we met last week. We brought another member with us, Sister Ryden (she's the one that sent you that picture of us last week mom). As we talked, we found out the girls go to school with Sister Ryden's kids! Another fun miracle. 

That night we also had dinner with all the elders at Bishop Call's house. Us missionaries taught the Restoration all together to their family, and it was a really cool experience. I love that even though we all have different personalities and ways of teaching, we have all been studying and learning the same things- so we can teach in unity even though we've never taught together before. It's just a stronger testimony to me of the truth of this gospel! 

One thing I've learned this week that I want to share with you, is that missionary work, works. And by that, I mean EVERY TIME we open our mouths to share the gospel, someone's life is blessed. Sometimes that is the life of those we are sharing it with. Sometimes it may be one of their grandkids that was sitting in the back corner playing with their toys. And a lot of times, it is our own lives that our blessed. 

I'll give you a quick example, hopefully it will make sense. Sunday night, we met up with some of our neighbors. They are extremely active in another church, and are very loving and good people. Sister Archibald and I knew going into it that they are not interested in changing religions, but they wanted to come together to discuss different views and gain a greater understanding of each other. We were able to share the incredible message of how we have modern day prophets on the earth today, that hold the authority to teach the gospel. We answered a lot of their questions, and at the end of the lesson, no outward miracles happened (like them suddenly wanting to get baptized or gaining a light-switch testimony of Joseph Smith. Didn't happen). But what did happen is that Sister Archibald and I left their home with a feeling of joy and peace that we hadn't really been able to feel for awhile, and that we desperately needed. 

That's what sharing the gospel does for you. Regardless of the result, we are blessed. EVERY TIME. God doesn't just want us to share the gospel with the people that are prepared to get baptized tomorrow. (If that were true... we would not need quite as many missionaries). We are to preach the gospel to ALL people: neighbors, strangers, close family members, friends we've known and loved for years. Everyone we know! In one of our meetings Monday, we read a quote from Uchtdorf that basically says "If you truly love these people, and show them that love, you can NEVER be too bold."

So it's our job to be bold! Ask that question, follow that prompting from the spirit. No matter what happens, Heavenly Father will be on our side. I know that our prayers will be answered as we do so.

I am just so grateful every day for this missionary experience, and what it teaches me about God's plan for each of His children. Never take that knowledge for granted. 

Love you all, I'll try to have some good stories to share next week so you don't have to just read my random thoughts. :)

Sister Maughan

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