Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome to our family

Introducing... Sister Archibald!!! Just graduated this year, 2016, from SKY VIEW high school. Yep, she's from NORTH LOGAN my friends. How cool is that? :D 

LOVE HER already, she is a way hard worker and very excited about the work. Honestly, it kind of scares me how excited she is... I LOVE IT! 

Another good song from Brother Bear that's been stuck in my head lately! And it's appropriate, because we welcomed Sister Archibald to our Ohio Cleveland Mission family this Wednesday.

Wow, it always amazes me how much happens in so little time. One week can feels like FOREVER here... but it's really only been eight days since I talked to you last!

Wednesday was a little nerve wracking, Sis Rock and I were just both anxious all morning, but we made it to Kirtland alive and well! Waited around for about a day and a half.. ok it was about 40 minutes but the suspense was killing me! Our trainees finally showed up and we found out who our new comp was. I am so excited to work with her and help her adjust and learn how amazing missionary life is. She pretty much came pre-trained teaching/finding/everything wise, so it's mostly just helped her learn the rules and getting past the homesickness. She amazes me every day with how willing she is to talk to everyone and just love them. 

We've been doing a LOT of tracting this week, since the holidays continued and people still didn't really want to talk to us. We did see a bunch of miracles happen though! To name a few...

One night (the night we were tracting those apartment buildings), we stopped by a cute older lady named Jerry we've talked to, and her daughter was there visiting. Her daughter had a TON of questions for us, a lot of them had to do with the Plan of Salvation, so it was a huge miracle to be able to share our testimonies of that with her. They are also both HILARIOUS, so we did a lot of laughter stress therapy that night with them, it was good :) 
We were also able to talk to a few more people I haven't been able to contact in the six weeks I've been here, whether they were interested still or not, is ALWAYS a miracle. 

Tuesday, yesterday, was probably the only other really exciting thing that happened. We had interviews with president along with District Meeting. It's always good to talk to him, just be real, let him know how things are going and hear what advice he has for me. Kind of called me to repentance yesterday haha, I'm looking forward to making some changes with the work that will hopefully bring us more people to teach! 

Speaking of changes, Happy New Year! I guess that's something exciting we did. New year eve we went out to a restaurant called Tip Top with a member. I thought it would be way busy, since it's a really popular place around here, but there were only about 5 other groups there with us. Ate some good food and just enjoyed celebrating the New year... 5 hours earlier than everyone else. :) We were in bed by 10:30, I think I woke up at 1 for a few minutes,then I was out again. Just another day in mission life to us haha.  

I honestly think that's all, hopefully you feel updated. It's been fun with the new year, realizing that i COME HOME this year, looking back and realizing I spent almost ALL of the year here in Ohio, realizing I"ll spend most of this year also in Ohio. And being amazed at all the things I've learned, looking forward to all the things I'll learn this year. I really just love new years! 

I love you all, I DEFINITELY felt your prayers and love this week. One day I was just looking through all the pictures I have of family/friends/ward members plus people I've met here in Ohio, and I just felt like I was being wrapped up in a blanket. You honestly are the best support a sister missionary could ask for, I am so grateful for every one of you!

Enjoy your week, and I"ll talk to you again on Wednesday.

Love, Sister Maughan

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