Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Feels like Spring

Hi again! I sadly don't have too many exciting stories to report this week, I'll do my best to keep you all awake!

Had some rough days and some good days this week. Thursday was pretty fun, stopped by some different investigators throughout the day and they were actually home! We also got to eat dinner at some members in the ward that are from China- so authentic Chinese food. I actually LOVE it, way better than whatever Americanized Chinese food they sell here in restaurants. :D They are also super hard to have a conversation with sometimes, their accents are pretty thick, but they are amazing members!

Saturday the same thing happened with us stopping by and people actually being home. In the morning we stopped by someone named Tammy, Sister Rock and I taught her once last transfer and then she asked us to come back after the holidays. She let us right in, and we reviewed the Restoration lesson with her. At the end of the lesson, she said she really felt how important this was to us, and how grateful  she is to know that Mormons are really Christians! She grew up hearing a lot of anti-mormon stuff, but talking to us has helped her realized we are just normal people trying to follow Jesus Christ. Once again, no huge miracle commitment to get baptized or anything, but being able to help people see WHO we are and who we follow... that's miracle enough for me!

 Then Sunday night, we had a fun miracle text come in! One of our active members is married to a non-member, and he has been on our mind a lot lately. We asked her to invite him to learn from us, and Sunday she texted us saying he agreed! Our first lesson with him was VERY awkward and choppy, and we really didn't accomplish what we had planned, but we are just so excited to finally understand his religious beliefs and how we can help him accept the gospel. It reminded me a little of Perrysburg, when we first started teaching Phil. Our lessons weren't always perfect at first, (we are still young and NOT pros at teaching haha) but the spirit was still there. With this lesson, the kids were kind of running around- but it was perfect to have them there and share their testimonies of prayer. I trust that it will work out how it needs to!

Last thing is that yesterday we went on exchanges with the sisters in Wadsworth. For a service project, we went to a little place called "The Giving Doll", where they make dolls and send them out to kids all over the world. The weather was so nice outside, and all these older ladies that were in there sewing just kept saying "it feels like spring" over and over again. :) It does, there's not a trace of snow here! Haha. 

Alright, I think that's enough random stories. I'm really looking forward to this week! 

Tomorrow we have a Area Seventy coming to speak to us, then Monday we will be watching a world wide mission conference! Lot's of learning, which I definitely need.

Love you all, thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Sister Maughan

                                              Just a "random" picture from this week.
                         Sister Archibald and Sister Maughan out doing some tracting.

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