Monday, December 19, 2016

TRAINING calls!!!! :D :) :/


My emotions are in a state of static right now (I'm not sure WHAT I'm feeling), because President Brown called me up at 8:54 last night. I've basically known  and felt since I left Perrysburg that this call was coming, but it didn't make it any less crazy that it's ACTUALLY happening. President thought he was so funny, he says "Sister Maughan, I hear you are going to be losing a companion this next transfer". "Sure am, President." "I'd like to extend the calling to you to train a new missionary." "I would LOVE that President." "Thank you. I know you'll do a great job."

So if things go smoothly, I"ll be here in Tallmadge another 3 months with my greenie :) I'm actually really excited, and I know we are going to see NEEDED miracles in that time! It's definitely a little nerve-wracking, but I know I have all of you as support, and I would love ANY advice you have for me! So NEXT Wednesday we'll head up to Kirtland to drop off Sister Rock, and to pick up whoever my new companion is! There are only 4 sisters coming out this transfer, and we don't find out which one will be my companion until we're all in a big room together and President Brown introduces us to each other. Exciting, right?

Anyways, that being set aside, MERRY CHRISTMAS! It will be here and gone before we know it, sadly. I love how unified everyone is this time of year in that we are more focused on helping others and enjoying "the spirit of the season". That doesn't really happen any other time of the year. So keep "Sharing the Light!" 

This week was good, the first half there is nothing to report. Thursday it was FREEZING. School was cancelled, and we were honestly wondering if we were still supposed to go out or not, but we sure did! Luckily, it was weekly planning, so we were in the apartment until 1 anyways. After, we ended up shoveling (or trying to shovel. The snow in Ohio is weird. It's more like ICE) a member named Alan's driveway and then going to a members home for dinner. Kind of a weird day. But we survived the cold!

Friday was Zone Conference, it was really good. Helped me to get some more motivation back, which is really important. I love being with the other missionaries and just hearing all our struggles, and helping each other through them. The spirit always teaches us what we need to know, even if it's not even said word for word. 

Saturday we had our ward Christmas party breakfast. Then a miracle happened that made the whole week an AMAZING week. We met someone named Jamaica a little ago, and we were able to teach her and bring Sister Peila with us Saturday afternoon. I can't fully describe what happened, but the text our member sent us after it was over about sums up what happened. "She was incredible! I loved sitting with her and hearing about her impressions. The pressure of the spirit was so strong and her desire to know more is something I've personally never seen. She's amazing. Let me know if you need me to go again. I'd love to get to know her more." One of those moments I hope I never forget. This gospel IS true, because it can change people's lives in minutes- if they let it. If WE let it!
Because that's what this gospel is all about. It's even what Christmas is all about. CHANGE. It's the hardest thing, and the natural man in us despises it and does everything it can to avoid it. We tell ourselves we can still find happiness and growth where we are at, we don't need change. It's the biggest lie I know I fall for everyday. When we allow ourselves to recognize the need for something different, and ACT on that, we are no longer getting in the way of our progression towards our Father in Heaven. He is in charge at that point, and I KNOW we can trust Him to teach us and help us all along the way. 

The birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ CHANGED the world forever. He understands how hard it is, and it's Him we can turn to in any circumstance. 

Love you all!!! Talk to you again on Tuesday! (Then starting the new year, preparation days will be on Wednesday.)

Love, Sister Maughan

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