Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry "late" Christmas

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an incredible Christmas and stayed nice and warm. Haha I heard it snowed muchas in Utah on Christmas! Here in Ohio it was 60 degrees the day after Christmas, and all the slush/ice we had melted. Now we have mud :) 

Our week was pretty low-key, visited some less actives and a few non-members. Thursday we made cookies and delivered them with a picture of Jesus and John 14:27 to a bunch of different people.

 Friday was "training for the trainers" meeting at the mission office. Sister House, another sister that is training, and I drove down together. The meeting was really good, we mostly just talked about how important this calling is and how it'll be a good learning experience for all of us. Made me nervous and excited! I had the elders give me blessing yesterday to help with the stress and gain some guidance, and that really helped! Whoever this new sister is, I'm excited to love her, have fun and serve with her, and accomplish "the thing(s) which the Lord hath commanded (us)."

Saturday was pretty interesting, we took a few more plates of cookies around. Cookies and Christmas honestly do miracles in contacting people that we've tried over and over again to meet that never answer the door! It's like they know we're bringing them haha. We also went tracting for about 2 and a half hours, and it was SO FUN! Who knew knocking doors on Christmas Eve would actually be a good experience? :) People were SO friendly, and even though no one let us in, it felt good to tell them about the #ShareTheLight video and give them the opportunity to remember what Christmas is really about!

Sister Rock and Sister Maughan making some Christmas cookies
 - wearing the aprons I sent them for Christmas !!  

That night we had dinner with the Lehmans (I know! They're family... maybe. They say their last name lay-man instead of lee-man. ?) Love them, and they had some really good food.  After that, we went to a Christmas Eve service for the church of the family we went to Kirtland with a few weeks ago (wow that was a long confusing sentence.) It was really interesting! They had the electric guitar playing, and a lot of standing and singing. Plus, their pastor talked about how WE are the light of the world. Heard that somewhere before? Haha it was really fun, I'm glad we went, just to experience how others worship. 

Sunday of course was Christmas! Thanks everyone who sent me a card/gift/email/prayer/thought! I appreciated and felt all of your love, and I needed it! I am so grateful for the amazing support system I have in all of you. You are incredible.

Sister Rock spoke in sacrament meeting, then we just visited widows throughout the day, talked to the fam, and tried to go caroling with the elders at night but no one was home! It was a pretty good Christmas, felt like a pretty normal day for a missionary. 

And now it's a new week, soon to be a new year, with a MILLION new experiences! I LOVE new years! Looking back on the experiences I've had, setting goals to help me through whatever may come in the next one. This year has truly been a year or learning and growing, that I wouldn't change for anything. That's something that I say EVERY YEAR though, because whether you are a missionary or not, Heavenly Father is still testing you, teaching you, and loving you through every second of every day. I KNOW that He is involved in the details of your lives, and that as you put your trust in Him this year, your lives will be filled with JOY. 

I love you all, and I will see you next year! :D

Love, Sister Maughan

Sister Rock and Sister Maughan in their Christmas PJ's.
We sent Abby some Ohio State sweats for her PJ's !!
This is also the cute Christmas tree we sent them to cheer up their apartment ! 

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