Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Brrrr! One day it was 70 degrees and SO NICE, the next day we had two inches of snow stuck on the ground, and it's been freezing ever since! We're emailing today because the library is closed on Thanksgiving and we don't have time Wednesday.

Haha but YES i made it safely to Tallmadge. We' actually cover an area called Stow, and that's where we live. Wednesday we went up to Kirtland to do the switching up, went out to Panera for lunch with the Toledo sisters, then Sister Rock and I drove back to our apartment. Which is actually a condo... sweet! It's pretty boring though... no decorations on the walls, and we have to go back to sharing a bathroom :( Other than that, I love it! 

Sister Rock is great! I'm sad we'll only have 6 weeks together, since she's going home next transfer :( She's obsessed with cats and diet coke haha, and she's so fun to talk to!  So far the ward is really awesome here, a lot smaller than Perrysburg, but ANYTHING is smaller than Perrysburg :) Plus, there's two more sets of elder in this ward, so that's fun!

The other thing that's different here is how much finding we do! Most of our investigators are busy for the holidays. So the past few days we've spent about 6 hours just contacting old potentials or tracting... :l Something I really didn't do a whole lot of in Perrysburg, so it almost feels like I've gone back to Strongsville! The sisters did actually just "shot-gun" this area, or take it over from the Elders, so it's a lot like when I first came out- still getting used to where the borders are and where good places to contact are and places to avoid, etc. People are actually really nice here, most are willing to let us come back at least once, which is great! 

It's actually been a rough few days, but somehow we still keep working and have fun in the midst of it! I seriously don't know how sometimes, but Heavenly Father works miracles! That's something we've been focusing on, just recognizing His hand in all of this. For whatever reason, we are experiencing this tough time, and there's always something to learn from it.

A couple days ago I had the WEIRDEST realization that I really have been out for forever haha :) It didn't happen on my "hump day", that day just felt like any other really, except I got to wear my cool shirt aunt Valerie sent me around the apartment. It happened just when I was looking through the old Ensigns in the apartment, and found the one from last December. It's one I LOVED and remember reading as I was preparing for my mission... and that's when it hit me. I felt like I was just reading that Ensign a month ago, not a whole year ago! This time last year I was submitting my papers and wondering where I'd be by next Christmas. So crazy how time goes by so fast. When I think back on the experiences I've had since then... my mind is just blown. Mission life is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and every hard moment really doesn't seem hard when you look back on it. It's full of miracles and learning and gaining a stronger testimony that God is there and loves all of us. Why wouldn't I want that? :)

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving and are able to spend time appreciating the people you love the most in your life! I'll miss you all. Thanks for listening to my rambling stories and thoughts for the past 9 months. Hope you are looking forward to the next 9! I know I am :D

Love you!

Sister Maughan

One of the last pictures of Sister Maughan and Sister Heer !!  
Glad to see they find time to be silly ! 

Sister Maughan with Lisa and Phil, 
some of the people she worked with and grew to love in Perrysburg.

Abby with Brother (aka BroLo) and Sister Long.

Sister Maughan with Sister cooper and Sister Child. 
More people she grew to love in Perrysburg.

Abby holding the "Hump Day" picture book I put together for her. 
Also, she is wearing the "Hump Day" Shirt that her Aunt Valerie sent her !! 

 Abby with her thank you to all of those who sent pictures for her book.  
She loved seeing your cute faces! 

Sister Maughan with her new companion, Sister Rock ! 

** Snow in Stow !! **

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