Monday, November 28, 2016

Here in the OCM (Ohio Cleveland Mission)

Hi again! Can't say I have too much to report this week, since I feel like I was just writing you yesterday. Things are still kind of slow around here, but I was FINALLY able to meet some of our investigators! One of them is named Amber, she's a cute single mom. We just stopped by one night and she let us right in, I can tell the Sisters have definitely made her feel loved and important. We also went to help a family we're working with paint their house!! I've been wanting to paint forever, begged people in Perrysburg to let me come help but they never would. :( I love painting walls for some reason. So we went over to their house Friday and Saturday, just talked and painted- it was a really good opportunity just to get to know them better! Service always makes the whole week feel better. 

Speaking of service, go check out the Christmas Initiative on if you haven't already! And commit to do it :) And share it with your friends. #LightTheWorld :D We have been using the video to tract with, and people are loving the idea! They still aren't letting us teach them... but they are nicer than usual haha. We did meet a guy that knows Utah pretty well the other day, he said we could stop by again sometime so that was good. 

I love the initiative this year though! And I was reading Mosiah 4 this morning (go read it... it's PACKED full of good stuff) and now I love it even more! 

The only other random thing I can tell you is people have been putting up their Christmas lights here, so it's fun while we are driving around at night to see all the decorations. People here have projector lights or something, that you project on the side of your house that are red and green that sparkle and swirl around. Kind of hard to explain, but I like it! 

Tomorrow we get to go to KIRTLAND! It's our "Christmas Conference", so the WHOLE mission is getting together at the Kirtland Temple and the visitors center. They feed us lunch, we sing some songs, and I don't know what else. But I'm excited! It'll be fun to see all the missionaries in one place. 

Talk to you all next week!

Love, Sister Maughan

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