Monday, October 10, 2016


This week has been SO fun! Wow transfers are an adventure, but Sister Heer just is magic or something, so much has happened in these last few days!

Sister Maughan and her new companion, Sister Heer 

So first, transfer day (Wednesday) was so much fun! Sister Strand and I rode with Sister Gibbs and Sister Sorenson in the red mini van to Cleveland :). Takes about 2 hours, so we just sang Mo-tab and talked about #missionlife. Once we got to the mission office (Cleveland- I love it!) it's usually chaos for a little while. But it was SO fun to have all of my companions in one place! Sister Henderson is leaving Strongsville, so her and Sister Barnes had to be there. Then Sister Gibbs was with us because she was getting transferred. And Sister Strand and Sister Heer of course were there. Haha we went to Panera with ALL the sisters after... probably about 20 sister missionaries. One group of elderly people stopped Sister Heer and I and asked "where's the event going on?"- wondering why there were so many of us dressed up in one place. So the first hour of being with Sister Heer we had a cool missionary opportunity to explain who we were and what we were all doing! It was awesome :) 

That first day- we were just walking around Perrysburg for finding time, and talked to two people who were willing to have us come back! That hasn't happened in awhile around here. It didn't even stop there though. Later that night we were teaching Phil and brought a member with us. We were leaving the appointment, about to get in our car, when we notice the member that came with us talking to someone outside on the street. She's waving us over, so we get out and talk to them. Our member invited this total stranger to come to a Chili Cook off our ward is doing this month and told her who we are and why we are teaching Phil. It was AWESOME. Kind of made me feel guilty- because our member was being a better missionary at that point than I was. 
I LOVE little miracles like that.

The rest of the week went really well. Mostly just normal missionary stuff, but we kept really busy. We also celebrated Sister Heer's half way mark one day at Chick-Fil-A. Now she only has 9 months left! 

Sunday, the miracles kept going. We had a random former investigator show up at church. Also, one of the members that hasn't been in months, if not years showed up. So incredible! I kind of felt bad, because I wanted to introduce Sister Heer to everyone... but we just didn't have time! I'd been praying for peace (because I can get pretty stressed out during transfers), and then Heavenly Father was like "Here, have some people to take care of." Haha not my definition of peace actually... but ended up being just what I needed of course. It took my attention off myself, and I realized that whatever happened that day would be what Heavenly Father needed to happen. I just had to let go and roll with it. 

Long story short (haha not really that was kind of a novel), I am grateful it's preparation day today, so I can have time to breathe. 

They truly are there, you just have to slow down. "take time to smell the roses", and see God's hand in it all. He loves us, and is involved in every detail of our lives.

Love, Sister Maughan

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