Monday, October 17, 2016

"I am a Child of God --But a work in progress."

I was looking through my notebook this week and found that gem of a quote by a member in Strongsville. Wow I needed that reminder, to remember who I REALLY am... and that I'm still learning to become more like my Heavenly Father! Sometimes I forget, and that's when I tend to struggle.

This week was pretty okay honestly. Per usual, new transfers tend to feel like we are starting ALL over again, so there were lots of times we just had to go out and tract this week! Probably took one too many stress breaks too, but I never seem to really feel guilty about that. :) They are so needed sometimes! 

Haha so this was my week: Monday was a pretty normal preparation day. Got the laundry, groceries, etc done and went to play soccer with the Zone. And got a smoothie, yum! Tuesday (Happy Birthday dad!), nothing really happened. We had district meeting in the morning, then all of our appointments fell through as we went throughout the day. So it was a relief that we had a Relief Society activity that night we were bringing one of our returning members to! It was a cute activity, focused on service in the community. And the food (giant pretzels with cheese, and home-made orange julius) just made it all the better :)

Wednesday made up for the lack of nothing happening Tuesday, because we stayed pretty busy. Did some service, met with a few people. One miracle that happened that day was we randomly decided to stop by someone that the sisters had taught before- and she was really struggling, so we were able to help her find peace. Little moments like that make up for ALL the hard times. 
Thursday and Friday were pretty average. Saturday morning we got to help at a place called "Hannah's Socks." They donate socks to homeless shelters and such, and the ward has done a bunch of service there before. Basically, we were just in this warehouse, unpackaging socks and counting how many pairs there were for about an hour. It was actually really fun! Haha the things we find fun as missionaries :)

Sunday we had a Halloween dinner at out bishop's house. His wife had the house all decorated spooky, and we ate rolls in the shape of bones, Jello that looked like brains, and some other fun Halloween food. Love the members here! 

Well, that's probably all this week. Love you guys!

Sister Maughan

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