Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hi Again !

Hello friends! 

This week was FOREVER long... and super fast per usual- mission life. But we FINALLY have transfer information!! Sister Strand and I have been so stressed about transfers this time around for some reason, so it's a HUGE relief to finally know what's going on.  I'm staying here in Perrysburg! Sister Strand is headed out to Lorain (in the Cleveland stake! I'm so excited for her! I heart Cleveland!), and my new comp will be Sister Heer. Rumour has it she came out the transfer before me- I think with Sister Carter. I'll get to meet her tomorrow and will send you pics next week. I am so excited for this new transfer and for all the miracles it will bring. Things have been slow and rough around here lately, so it will be great to get a new mind and new ideas for how to do the work.

As for this past week, it was a little bit crazy! We had planned the whole week out, had our lessons scheduled in and it was a pretty full week to be honest. Then we got a call from the Sister Training Leaders telling us they wanted to do a double exchange on Wednesday, where all four of us go to their area for the day. So that took a whole day of lessons out of our schedule.

Tuesday, we drove to district meeting at the church... and NO ONE was there. Called the District Leader and he informed us there wasn't any district meeting, because we have a Zone meeting on Friday. What? No one tells us anything! Haha so Tuesday we ended up going to Toledo to have our car maintenanced (is that a word?) instead of having district meeting. Then had to reschedule our lessons we had planned for Friday, because we had a meeting for a few hours. Oh planning... sometimes I wonder why we do it because half the time it doesn't work out anyways! :)

Then we had GENERAL CONFERENCE! Wasn't it amazing? If you haven't watched all the sessions yet... you better get on it ASAP. The spirit was so strong, and I learned more than I can even say. I especially loved the talks on missionary work. Elder Anderson I think and Elder Oaks closed both Saturday sessions with encouraging us to just TRY it- and to pray for missionary opportunities! I loved what Elder Oaks said about "we all need to do all of these" and then he listed a few principles. 

We watched all four sessions at the church. Saturday we were there with our district. Sunday morning it was just Sister Strand and I, plus 2 other members of the ward. Saturday afternoon we had the whole chapel to ourselves! Definitely different than how I usually watch conference. The music was incredible, the talks were incredible... I just love conference. :)

Alright, well this week should be an adventurous one! I hope everything is going well for all of you, and if it isn't... that you are still pushing on. I love you all! 

Sister Maughan 

Abby said --"We went to the Mall in Toledo last Preparation Day... 
and they are putting a jamba in! 
So of course... pictures by Jamba signs are necessary!"

Abby made Fruity Rice Krispy Treats for her District.  
We sent her the ingredients in a package !

Abby's District in Perrysburg

Abby said --"Umm... I never know what to do with these kids. They are dorks."
Back left to right is Elder Wheelright, Elder Nichols, Elder Durrant, Sister Strand, me. 
Elder Frandsen awkwardly off to the side. --And Elder Clawson and Elder Edwards in front. 

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