Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

First of all, I am dying of heat here. The computer in the library is RIGHT in the sunshine, which is why i choose to sit here ( I love me some sunshine). But I had to spend like the past half hour writing an email for the mission for a Christmas Conference thing we're doing in November, so it's a little warm. 

Second of all... Hello! One more week in the lives of all of us, huh? Who can't believe October is over today? I sure can't! I'm 100% positive this month went by faster than any other in my life. 

This week was a pretty good one here in Perrysburg! We've been doing a lot of service AKA raking leaves because of all the million and a half trees here! The leaves never stop falling, so we're constantly raking. Sister Heer wants to try "service tracting" soon, where we go around in our service clothes, knock on doors and ask if we can rake their leaves or do anything else for them. We'll see if we end up doing it and how it goes, we'll probably need to borrow some rakes first. :)

Wednesday night was really fun this week! We had a HUGE ward activity called "The Chili Cook Off". We (missionaries and ward members) invited everybody and anybody, whether they are members or not, to bring their famous chili, and they have judges to decide which is best in certain categories. And there's of course a people's choice one. I had heard it was well attended, but WOW there was a lot of people there! Bigger than any activity I've been to- including when i was back in Utah :) We also had three of our investigators there, plus a few potential investigators, so we were on cloud nine the whole time haha. It was just good to be in a setting where we can be normal, where they can see who we are and how we live not on Sundays as a church. Spent most of the night there, ate some good food, and helped clean up. It was also fun to see all the kids dressed up in their costumes! (They did a trunk-or-treat after dinner.) 

Thursday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders after planning, and it was a BUSY day. We visited with some members, stopped by a few former investigators, did some tracting. Finished out the night at the Weyandts (Phil our investigator and Lisa his member wife). They had kind of a crazy week this past week, so we mostly just loved and listened. They are awesome though, they just keep moving forward! We set a goal baptism date with him for January, and he keeps telling us he is really looking forward to it! Sometimes I forgot how huge of a miracle it is that we are teaching him- and how far he's come since we first started teaching him. This truly is Heavenly Father's work, not ours!

Friday was Zone Training Meeting in Toledo. They asked me to do a musical number, which epically failed because I haven't been able to practice anything besides hymns for the past 8 months. But I did it anyways, cause that's how my mother raised me :) The meeting was good, I'll be honest I was exhausted and probably didn't get as much out of it as I could. What I did get though was LISTENING is really important when we are helping people recognize the spirit. Hearing their thoughts and ideas really gets them to recognize it themselves, without us having to directly point it out. 

Sunday, was the primary program! Another cool opportunity for people to invite their non-member friends to, and they actually come! They started with a song called "If I listen with my Heart" that is beautiful! It was an awesome way to start the meeting, especially for those who have never been to our church. I think it was sung at this past General Womens Meeting too.The spirit is so strong with those kids, and it's those basic truths they know and teach that are really what this gospel is all about. I was reminded that I really am "a Child of God" and he loves me! That's a simple truth that it easy to forget sometimes.  

Alright, sorry again for the novel. Love you all, have a Happy Halloween, and enjoy the start of a fresh new month! 

Sister Maughan

p.s. sorry no pictures again this week. We took some, but they are random and blurry, I"ll try to take some better ones soon! :)

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