Monday, October 24, 2016

"Don't put yourself down - Let others do it for you !"

This week went by SOOOO fast! Probably because a million things happened. When you have lots to do, time goes by faster!

So last Monday was good, we had dinner at a members house, then went to visit Sister Cooper again. She gave me a bracelet she made (she makes BEAUTIFUL jewelry with another sister in the ward and sells it!) that says "I ❤ Jesus". Best thing ever, I wear it every day now! :) Then we get home, and one of the counselors in the bishopbric wanted us to call him. Long story short, he asked us if we could give talks the coming Sunday. Woot! Yay for 6 days notice. Haha I bet you can all guess when I actually wrote my talk though. (Yep, Sunday morning.)

Tuesday I was DREADING, because Tuesdays are usually a struggle to find things to do. We tried to contact an old referral in the morning, but we're pretty sure he just ignored us knocking on his door. We had one lesson with a less active member in the morning, and then the typical NOTHING for a few hours. We were struggling, and by the time 5:00 rolled around it was raining and we were not in the mood to do finding time. But we worked up our motivation by telling ourselves motivation follows action, and went to contact a family we talked to the first day Sister Heer came. They were outside on their porch, so we got to talk to them for awhile! Fun fact- they spend every summer in LOGAN, UTAH. Yep, pretty cool. We invited them to learn more, and they said sure! So keep them in your prayers!

The miracles didn't stop there though. "When it rains, it pours" I guess. We were about to go contact another old referral, when our phone came through with two messages at once. That usually means we received a media referral! Sure enough we looked, and there was a name, address, phone number, and a note that said this person WANTED to actually hear the missionary lessons, that's why they went online. Sister Heer and I were like "what, this never happens?" haha. We called him (Jacob) right then (we are supposed to contact media referrals ASAP) and set an appointment for that Friday. 

Right after that, we were actually able to contact the other old referral and she was super nice, gave us her phone number, and said we can come back. 

So the day went from meh- to A-MEH-ZING in like an hour and a half! Haha yah I know that was cheesy. It was just cool, because we seriously had NO motivation, but because we went out and worked, Heavenly Father showed us the miracles that were waiting for us!

The rest of the week went really good, we had interviews with President Brown Thursday morning. After lunch, we tried to stop by a lady we'd talked to before, but she wasn't home... but their SQUIRREL was! I get out of the car, and this squirrel starts coming straight for me. NOT normal. I always thought squirrels were cute and would joke about catching one and keeping it, but having one actually not be afraid of me was terrifying! Sister Heer thought it was hilarious, and we basically spent 15 minutes trying to take a selfie with this squirrel haha. We think they probably feed it, so it was coming up to us for a treat. We sure didn't have any, but Sister Heer was holding a leaf in her hand while trying to take a selfie with it- and the squirrel took it out of her hand! It was crazy! Random moments like that make the whole day sometimes :) 

Look closely, the squirrel is right up by the tire of the car ! 

Sister Heer feeding the squirrel a leaf !

Friday went really well, another huge miracle happened with Jacob's lesson. Since he's a male, we have to bring another adult women with us in order to meet with him, and we'd been trying to find people all week... and NO ONE could come. Friday morning rolled around and we had one more member to call and ask... but she ended up being busy. Needless to say, we were a little stressed out. HUGE tender mercy was one of the sisters we'd asked the day before texted us saying that her plans got cancelled because of the rain that morning, so she could come if we needed her to! Wow, made me be grateful for the rain for once. And members that are willing to sacrifice their time! The lesson with Jacob went really well, I'll keep you updated on how things go!

Friday was also painting nails day at the nursing home. That's always a highlight of my week. This week we had a TON of ladies come, so we were there for quite awhile. 

Wow, sorry this is super long this week. We'll jump to Sunday, where we gave talks in Sacrament meeting! It went well, except everyone was basically asleep. Makes me wonder if we always look like that, or if it was just a rough week for everyone. The quote for my subject line is from a lady that we talked to Sunday night, she's roomates with one of our less-actives. We were just talking about how we need to be nicer to ourselves and forgive ourselves, and that's what she threw that quote out there. Haha we laughed so hard... because it's SO true! There are so many people in the world already bashing on you, so why do it to yourself too? 

Sorry that this was all over the place this week. There were just so many little miracles it was hard to know which ones to write about, and actually remember all of them. 

Love you, talk to you all again next week!

Sister Maughan

                               Some fun Fall Pictures of Sister Heer and Sister Maughan

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