Monday, September 26, 2016

Another Day

Well hello everyone! One more week down, and it was an interesting one as always!

Monday, after preparation day ALL of our plans fell through for the night in like 20 minutes. We randomly decided to text one of our less active members to see if we could come see her later that week, and she said "can you come right now?" HUGE tender mercy, because we literally had nothing else to do! 

Tuesday was Zone Conference! It's nice because they do it at our church, so we don't have to get up any earlier to make it there on time :) We talked about the usual health/cars/phones and such, watched a HILARIOUS video the church put out about driving in parking lots (it's probably only funny to missionaries though... because we have nothing else to laugh at haha). Then we got into the spiritual stuff... mostly about how we not only need to commit our investigators to do things that strengthen their faith, but EVERYONE we talk to. We also focused on how those invitations, and the promises we extend to help people be motivated to keep those, NEED to be done by direction of the spirit. If we are doing it just to do it, we may as well not be there at all! I love promising people blessings of living the gospel, because I KNOW that the gospel really will help them accomplish those things!

We also had an interesting situation Tuesday night. There is an investigator who has been coming to church for years, but will only let us teach him once a month. He usually picks a topic for us to discuss, but let us choose this time. We know that the thing that helps people most, no matter WHAT they are going through, is reading the Book of Mormon and praying. So that's what we talked about it... and he didn't really want to hear it :) He didn't yell or anything, but it kind of felt like one of those "guilty taketh the truth to be hard" moments, and we didn't really know what to do. Oh people are so fun! 

Wednesday our day was PACKED we barely had time to breathe. Miracle of miracles, only one of our appointments fell through though, and the rest of them went really well! Haha our last lesson of the night we had invited a couple members to come to, and it ended up being them talking most of the time and we were just there to invite the spirit. :) That happens quite often out here actually. Ohio people are talkers, but sometimes it's for the better!

Friday, we got to paint nails at the nursing home again. 

Saturday was the day long waited for- the General Women's Session! Our morning was pretty good, a member took us out to eat at Panera :) We talked to quite a few people during the day, then headed over to the church. Our stake was asked to all come together at the church and watch it, so they had an ice cream social at 7 so we could mingle and get to know each other before. I LOVED the feeling of unity that came as we watched that session, not just with those sisters, but throughout the whole world! Especially during the last song, when we were all asked to sing together. I just knew that as many women that possibly could were singing those same lyrics at almost the exact same time across the nations. It reminded me that this gospel IS true, that there are people all over who know it without a doubt, and who are striving their best to live it and share it with those around them. Isn't it amazing? 

Also, those talks and the music were so inspired. I know I received direct answers to some of my prayers, and I can't wait to go back and re-study and learn more. These people truly are servants of God. 

Well I love you all! I hope you are all preparing to watch conference this weekend! Sister Strand and I learned that gratitude is one of the ways we can prepare to receive revelation, so say some gratitude prayers this week. I promise that as you do, Heavenly Father will help you find the answers you need to solve some of life's toughest questions and get through the hardest trials. This gospel is true, and I love it!

Transfers are coming up, so I'll talk to you all next Tuesday. All we know for sure is that neither of us are training (those calls would've come last night). Likely Sister Strand will head out and I'll get a new comp, but we'll have to see.


Sister Maughan

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