Monday, August 29, 2016

Tornado Warning !!

Haha I really just wanted that to be the subject to scare mom a little bit :) Sorry mom!
But really, one exciting thing that happened this Wednesday was we had a tornado warning! That means there was an actual tornado seen (a tornado watch means the weather is likely to bring tornadoes), and that we all had to stay inside for a couple hours until it was all clear. We were at a member's home, so we hung out there for two hours. We talked about how tornado's relate to the gospel, Helaman 5:12, etc :) Nothing happened in Perrysburg though, the sky was just really dark- then at like 9:30 at night it started thundering/lightning and pouring rain... but that's pretty typical for Ohio as you've heard by now.

The rest of this week was fairly average. I don't remember if I mentioned that we're working with one of our member's neighbors- his name is Bob. :) They (Bob and his wife, plus the Hamiltons-the members) took us out to eat this week at a place called "Tekelas", really good Mexican restaurant! It was fun to spend time with them in a informal setting, get to know them better. That's very key in missionary work- not only teaching the gospel to these people, but being friends with them, laughing with them. Otherwise we're just robots, and no one likes things just thrown at them. Oh, I remember I did mention him! He's the one that came to church last Sunday. 

Other than that, we did some tracting, contacted a few people that used to be taught by the missionaries (some said we could come back!). Oh that reminds me. Sometimes on a mission, you wonder how inspired you really are to do things. Because most of the time it's just random, but then you go and find out it might have been inspired. So for example, this week we decided to call someone named Jack to see if we could come visit him. He said yes! Then when we got there a few minutes later, he said he'd prayed that morning we would come over- so we could help him eat his pie that he made! Haha I would've taken it as just a joke, but he seemed pretty serious that he'd actually prayed about it!

Another example is that one of the people that used to meet with the missionaries, told us he'd just been thinking about the missionaries that morning and how it had been awhile since he'd seen them. Then we showed up on his doorstep that night!
Little miracles I guess. :) 

Oh missions are fun.

Have a great week everyone! Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to tell you about next week. 

Sister Maughan

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