Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lessons I've Learned

We went to the Art History Museum in Toledo today, so once again we're emailing later and we don't have much time. Preparation Days are never relaxing here haha.

Anyways, this week was pretty okay. No surprise- Sister Strand and I are staying in Perrysburg for another transfer. It'll be good, we still have a TON to do and a lot of people to work with. I'm really excited to keep learning here! 

Wednesday (6 Months Out day!), we went to Findlay for a Vehicle Training/Inspection for all the missionaries in the Toledo Stake. So I got to see a bunch of the sisters I haven't seen in awhile! We basically learned to be safe drivers, they test drove all of our cars to make sure they were working okay, then we were good to go. After that, we had just a meeting with the sisters, and it went really well! We just talked about our concerns with missionary work and how we can help each other, and we all learned so much. 

The only other out of the ordinary thing that happened was we spent about 3 and a half hours helping someone "clean" their house! They got bed bugs (those are a real thing- not just a cute saying at night. Gross.) so we put on our grubby clothes and helped them bag EVERYTHING up so the exterminator guy could come spray. It was crazy, but we finally got it done, and it felt really good to help out. Service really is the best!

Also, one of our investigators came to church this Sunday! He's been once before, but he just decided on his own to come, and it went really well. We also met with him and his wife yesterday and had a great discussion. They are more curious than anything right now, but we know he said he feels good about our beliefs. They're an older couple, have been through a lot of hard things but are really willing to learn. Definitely one of the reasons I'm excited to stay here with Sister Strand!

Well sorry that wasn't anything super exciting. Here are some random/fun things I've noticed I've learned since coming out on my mission! 

It's okay to cry. Haha crying is definitely one of the ways I cope with stress- and sometimes you just have to take a break from life and calm down. (it was funny, because our investigator that came to church this week said the same thing the other day. Apparently it's an important life skill to learn!)

I've learned how to be around other people- and more importantly, how to have spiritual experiences with other people.

I've learned (and am DEFINITELY still learning) to love my companions for exactly who they are, exactly where they are at.

I've gained an infinitely greater appreciation for my family and my friends. You all are incredible, i miss you tons, and am SO grateful for your support!

LOVE. It's huge, That's what I've learned more than anything. The love we feel for these people... you can't put it into words. They went from being complete strangers, to wondering how in the world I'd ever live without them. Companions, investigators, ward members. This work truly is a labor of love!

One last thing. I was looking at my journal entry from February 20- three days after I got to the MTC. We had had a really incredible, spiritual experience as a district that day. I had struggled a lot at the MTC, but I wrote this after we had that experience "It's those moments that remind me how incredible, how worth it the mission is/ is going to be". That is SO true. Every hard day that I've had on my mission so far, every hard day I've had in LIFE so far- is always pushed back and can be forgotten because of the INCREDIBLE days Heavenly Father blesses me with. That's what this life is all about. Going through the hard times, so that we can recognize how much of a blessing happiness really is. We're HERE to be happy. So every trial is more than worth pushing through. It's worth picking yourself up off the ground and starting all over again. I know it.

This gospel is so incredible! I hope you all remember that every day.

Love you! Sister Maughan

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