Monday, August 8, 2016

Best Day Ever !

Haha this week was really good! As usual, I can't really describe everything to you... but I learned SO MUCH how important it is to have the spirit with you.

First miracle... that sister in our wards husband that we invited to learn more and he basically said maybe? Well we went over there again on Wednesday and he casually was like "So did Brother Griffeon tell you the news?" (Brother Griffeon is his home teacher). We say "No, what news?" "I want to start taking the lessons!" YAAAYYYY! Haha I told him that was basically the best thing I'd heard my WHOLE mission! He decided it's finally time for him to commit to this, and he's really excited! He already knows a WHOLE lot about the church, so teaching him will be different that way, but we'll have a lot of help from the ward because they already know and love him! Definitely the highlight of the week!

That day also... we contacted a referral from the bishop in the Toledo stake. The bishop asked to share with him the story of "the widows mite" and invite him to take the lessons. Kind of random, but I found a WAY cool scripture from studying the widow's mite to teach it to this referral. I can't remember where exactly it is (it was one of the footnotes for either Mark 12:41-44 or Luke 21:1-3). What I learned from it was that if we give ALL we have, even if it's way less than what our neighbor or our brother or ANYONE else has- Heavenly Father loves us all the more for it. We don't need to compare ourselves to those around us, we do what WE can- and even if it doesn't feel like a lot, we are blessed immensely. LOVE IT! Remember it! 

Anyways, we taught him that and we are seeing him again today! Yay!

ALSO that day, we got a text from a younger sister in the ward who told us her family was struggling and she wanted us to come teach them. VERY last minute, but we decided to go for it and "let the Holy Spirit guide". We did all we could to prepare in the short time we had, but it ended up going REALLY well and it was a great opportunity for the family to share their testimonies with each other. 

So the whole day, we basically did nothing- and the spirit did EVERYTHING. That's why it was the best day ever. Every day of our lives should be like that.

The rest of the week we had some fun experiences that I"ll skim through fast. Tuesday-Wednesday I was in Bowling Green with Sister Sorenson. Walking around on the BGSU campus was the weirdest feeling ever, just made me think about college and it was just awkward haha. I got to meet some of Sister Henderson's investigators though from when she was in Bowling Green, so it was really fun to talk to them! 

Thursday we had interviews/district meeting with President Brown. He gave me some good advice on talking to people (cause it's HARD! Knocking on people's doors is one thing, stopping them while they are walking down the street is a whole other story.) Sister Brown told me that the Backer family in Strongsville is doing really well!!! They moved their baptismal date to this Saturday, but they've already been interviewed and are ready to go. I'm so excited for them! 

Hopefully Sister Henderson will keep me updated/send me some pics I can forward to you :)
Plus the weather kind of sort of "cooled down" this week, so that was a plus!

Hopefully that made some sense. Just know that when you work hard, Heavenly Father blesses you. 

Then you have to KEEP working hard. And follow the spirit.

Talk to you all next week!

Sister Maughan

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