Monday, August 15, 2016

Another - Best Day EVER !!

***(note from Mom!) **I had to start by putting this picture in here.  This is a picture taken at the baptism for Tiffany Backer.  She is a lady that Sister Maughan had the opportunity to teach when she was serving in Strongsville (Broadview Heights).  Abby loves this sister and her family so much.  She was sad to be transferred just before this baptism, but was elated to hear the news that it had happened.  We hope the members there will open their arms and hearts to her and her family.  

Sister Barnes, Sister Henderson, Tiffany, Ivan and Harold Backer
What a GREAT Day !!

Ahhh! My brain just isn't quite functioning at the moment, too many thoughts going on! Being on a mission is SO hard when you can't get all the questions you have answered because you can't communicate with people whenever you want to!

Anyways, this week was pretty good :) had it's ups and downs, I'm going to go through day by day with what happened!

Monday- we had to end our preparation day early because we had some awesome appointments set up with people that members were coming to! And... they both fell through. :( So we ended up tracting/contacting the rest of the night. It was great. We did also get a referral from the ward that night we tried to contact, but she wasn't home. 

Tuesday- We talked to so many incredible people! One of them was Sister Cooper, she's an older lady that got baptized a little over a year ago. She was searching for God's church her WHOLE life- had finally given up and just prayed He would lead her to it, when one day a member of our church invited her to come. She said as soon as she came, and heard that the church was named after Jesus Christ Himself, she'd finally found it. So that scripture about people searching for the truth and just knowing not where to find it? It's true!   We also met a random stranger named Tim on his front porch, he was covered in tattoos and smoking. As we talked to him, we found out he has 8 kids-all named after people in the Bible, that he reads his Bible every day, and that he belongs to a humble little "biker church" where they help with charities all the time! Never would've known by looking at him. He doesn't live in our area, but hopefully he'll run into the missionaries again one day! 

Wednesday- In the morning we helped a less active lady cut out patterns for 2 hours in the heat (they don't have AC)! So we rewarded ourselves with slurpee trip #2. :) Then that night we had a really incredible lesson with our member's husband. The spirit was there very strongly, and He truly was the teacher! Lessons like that, we walk out just being amazed by Heavenly Father's willingness to work with the weak and the simple. 

Thursday- Happy half birthday to me :) haha We had a pretty average day, it decided to rain like crazy again. The only thing super exciting that happened was some members took us out to eat at this cool Asian restaurant! 

Friday- The tender mercy of the day was we got stuck in road construction, so we were forced to slow down and just breathe for a little. It was good :) We found some good songs on Sister Strand's chip (like You Raise Me Up) that Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings while we were stuck in the car. We also had some deep discussions about life and families and the gospel. That's one of the things I love about Sister Strand, she's so willing to just get into gospel discussions whenever, wherever! She's a pro at putting up with my randomness :)

SATURDAY- we had a really cool miracle happen! We went to try to contact the referral we'd received on Monday again, but they weren't there. So back up plan was to go contact the new members that had (or we thought they had) moved in a couple weeks ago. Long story short, they were actually moving in THAT DAY and had no one else to help them carry all their stuff up three flights of stairs! So we got to help :) It was such a cool way to see how Heavenly Father places us in people's paths to help them, when we don't even know it!

Sunday- Church was really good, we had someone come and they LOVED it! After it was over, they texted us and said they hadn't felt so good in years! They actually live in the Elder's area, so they will be teaching him, but it was so cool to see how strongly the spirit affected (effected?) him while he was there. 

TODAY- we went to the ZOO!!! Luckily, we only got rained on right at the end. We were only sort of soaking wet by the time we got back to our cars :) Totally worth it- and FREE! 
Sorry this was a novel, but it really was a great week! Transfers are next week, so don't send any mail my way just in case (even though I'm probably staying here). Talk to you again Tuesday!

The gospel is true!

Sister Maughan

Some pictures from their trip to the zoo ! 

Sister Maughan and Sister Strand at the Toledo Zoo ! 

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