Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 1 (well almost a full week) in Perrysburg :)


Oh goodness a lot happened this week, and basically not much did either! We'll start with transfer day though :)

Sister Maughan saying goodbye to the Koenneckes, some members of 
the church that she grew to love while serving in Strongsville. 

Abby with the Koennecke's "bears"!!

So Wednesday, we met up at the stake center. Did the normal switching around, meeting new companions and such, then went to Panera with all the sisters for lunch again. After that, Sister Cox and I had to DRIVE to meet our new companions cause apparently Perrysburg is WAY far from Cleveland! Haha it was about a 2 hour drive, we just listened to Mo-Tab and talked. I learned that Ohio is FLAT (Strongsville has a TON of hills, so I never really knew. Sister Cox was like "welcome to the REAL Ohio" haha). My first impression of Perrysburg was that there are lots of billboards here. And a lot of water towers. :)

First look at Perrysburg !

Met Sister Strand at my new apartment, it's in a cute little complex called "Three Meadows"... right after "Trinity Court" haha! Sister Strand is pretty awesome, she's REALLY good at teaching and we get along pretty great! She's from La Grande, Oregon and has been out for 9 months! Her 9 month mark actually happened the day after I got here- and she didn't even realize it until like 9:00 at night. So we didn't celebrate, it was pretty sad. 

Sister Maughan with her new companion, Sister Strand 

Also, fun fact about my apartment- IT HAS A KEYBOARD! So I can sort of practice/play the piano. BEST THING EVER! And.. we have our own bathrooms! Cause there used to be 2 sets of sisters in that apartment, but they got moved out a few transfers ago. So that's pretty nice. :)

Overall, I'm still adjusting to the new area. First days of transfers are always a little overwhelming and you feel like everything happens through a bubble. Church yesterday helped me get a good feel for the ward though, and so far the people I've met are pretty awesome! I'm definitely excited to be here and help the work progress in this area. The members here LOVE the missionaries, so we have lots of help!

Once again, the church is true- wherever you go! 

Love, Sister Maughan

****Here's Abby's new mailing address.  She would love to hear from you !!  

Sister Abby Maughan
403 Three Meadows Court
Perrysburg, OH 43551

Abby with Sister Barnes, her MTC companion.  She was transferred 
to Strongsville to take Abby's place there ! 

Abby saying goodbye to Sister Henderson.  

Abby with Sister Carter.  They actually graduated from High School together.

Abby wrote this in her e mail to explain this picture ! 
"Then one day we decided to walk around this park for lunch- there are just 
RANDOM work-out equipment things hanging out on the trails. 
It's pretty weird. :) I don't think people actually use them..."

Interesting story to explain this picture ! 
"I HAVE A PARROT (or some kind of bird It's probably not a parrot) ON MY SHOULDER! 
Haha there is a less-active member we went to visit that lets her bird just free range in her house. For the first 20 minutes we were there it just hung out by it's cage, then as soon as we started sharing our "spiritual thought" it decided to FLY on my shoulder! And was just there for like 15 minutes. Definitely not something I've experienced before haha! We just kept talking, but it was REALLY hard to focus because it was right next to my ear, and every time I'd say something it would squak- like it was imitating me!"

This is becoming a tradition.  
It's a selfie of Abby and her companion at the library when they are writing home !!  

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