Monday, July 25, 2016

Short and Sweet !

Hi again! This week was SUPER long for some reason, probably cause not much happened. It was good though. 

Tuesday we had our first district meeting! One of the Elders from my Cleveland Zone is in my district here, which is awesome! The rest of them I've never met/heard of, so it's fun to get to know them all better. Haha one of the Elders ordered pizza to deliver at the church (cause we all ate lunch together after.) Silly Elders...

We really do a LOT a LOT of member work here, which is awesome! Wednesday, we helped an older lady cut out some patterns for a dress she wants to sew. Saturday we talked to a young women that's preparing to serve a mission, just talked to her about mission life and preparing and such. We also helped some members clean out their basement, vacuumed all the spider webs from the ceiling (it's like a cellar not really a basement.) They are a super cute younger couple with a 3 year old daughter named Audrey. It was actually really fun! 

And really that's about it. Met some more members. Had some good studies. :) My favorite talk of the week is from General Conference by Elder Hales called "The Holy Ghost." So good! Definitely helped me realize I should NEVER take the gift of the Holy Ghost for granted, because it's truly how Heavenly Father accomplishes so much! That gift, and the gift of His Son Jesus Christ are the greatest gifts we have! 

Basically, I'm just learning to "Keep Moving Forward" no matter what happens! 

Love, Sister Maughan

Sister Mclaughlin, Sister Henderson, Sister Maughan and Sister Allred

A water tower in Perrysburg ! 

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