Monday, June 13, 2016

How to tell if you are a successful missionary... :)

Hi again! This week was ROUGH, in that we really did NOT get to teach very many people. However, at the end of the day, I ALWAYS felt good about what we had done- hence the subject line. More on that later. :)

So. We averaged about one lesson a day this week. Since transfers, I feel like we just started back at square one for some reason. All of our lessons would fall through, then our backups would fall through, and we would just have no idea what to do. Once we just took a stress break and got some ice cream at a cute shop down the street from us called Handels. SO YUMMY we are definitely going there more often. Other times we'd have to drive somewhere far away- so our miles are still not looking so good- just because they were the only people we could think of seeing! Except then that would fall through, so it was hard not to get discouraged.

Tuesday, something fun did happen though! Sister Henderson did a highlight on one of our investigators hair! It was awesome, and thankfully our investigator liked it! :) She's taking us out to eat this Wednesday! (Sorry that my life revolves around food. Food is just great.)
Then the next notable thing that happened was Friday- we had two of the Young Women from our Stake with us from 8 in the morning until 6:30 at night. Thursday night I was sooo worried about it, because once again I knew a lot would be riding on me. And I also just really didn't want them to have a bad experience- because missions are HARD and going for one day doesn't always help you know that it's worth it :) You have to stick if out, then the blessings come... and then you forget ALL about the bad. It's really cool how it works like that.

However, Thursday night while I was just stressing- Heavenly Father reminded me about the plan of salvation :) This was less than 24 hours of these girls lives. He's been molding them their whole life (and all eternity), so He wasn't going to let one day just drag them down. I found comfort in knowing that HE at least knew them, and for some reason he wanted us to spend this tiny speck of time on earth together for a reason. So we got up the next day, and I was ready to go!

Probably one of our most productive days actually! The morning was shaky, we just knocked on doors ALL morning and the only one that answered talked to us for about 30 seconds. So we decided to make some cookies and take them to a few of the less actives in our neighborhood that we hadn't talked to for a while. And as we were making cookies, we realized we didn't have any eggs! (since I"m a pro at hardboiling eggs now and the only ones we had were hardboiled.) SO we took an impromptu lunch break (to Taco Bell. I think I've eaten there once in my before mission life. Now I've eaten there twice in the past month!) and a trip to the grocery store. :) Haha you honestly just have to roll with whatever needs to happen in mission life. We did eventually get our cookies out to the people though, so that's good! We also did some service for people (I"m still a pro lawnmower). I think overall, the young women had a good experience, and I know I had fun- so that's good! :)

                                   Sister Henderson, Mini missionaries - Becca and Leah 
                                                 and Sister Maughan making cookies !!  

That's pretty much it. So just an overall recap of what I learned this week. Everything happens for a reason. So when we're doing the very best we can, when we've done all we can, and it's STILL not working out- it doesn't mean God hates us or that we are unworthy. Maybe it's just happening (everything we do as missionaries depends on the agency of others, which we can't control). Maybe God wants us to slow down (those ice cream breaks helped me rewind and refocus). Or maybe He has a different lesson for us to learn, that we might not recognize until later down the road. 

So how do you tell if you are a successful missionary? By doing everything you can, and then letting Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ take care of you all along the way.

This gospel is so true! There is NO WAY I could've stayed so happy and upbeat this week without it. It's truly a plan of HAPPINESS (and not just enduring to the end, but enjoying to the end! ;) )

Love you all! Thanks for you prayers and support!

Sister Maughan

Playing volleyball on p-day with the missionaries in her Zone !! 
That's her right there front and center in the orange shirt !!  

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