Monday, June 20, 2016

"All in a days work"

This week went by SOOOOO fast! I honestly can't believe it's Preparation Day already. I don't even feel like I really need it (except the fact that I DO need to do laundry...). I think we just had so much fun this week I don't even need a "break". :)

So Tuesday, was Zone Conference. We successfully got a little lost AGAIN on our way to the stake center. Don't worry, I'll figure it out one day (probably the day I get transferred out of the stake haha). It was SUCH a good meeting though. We set a goal as a Zone to be TENACIOUS! I'm super excited. (There's a whole talk in this month's Ensign about it- go read it!) Basically, it means we get to weird people out even more than we already do, but give the spirit an opportunity to touch their hearts the moment we meet them! It's awesome. I also played Lead Kindly Light while Sister Cox and Sister Riffy sang for a special musical number, so that was fun! 

Oh and did I ever tell you we have a "mission song"? It's basically Armies of Helaman (how awesome is that Lehman family? ;) ), but we added our own Ohio mission lyrics to it. I'll have to write them down and send them sometime, it's pretty cool. Our zone recorded it at Zone Conference to put on a CD for everyone when they go home... not sure how good it will sound (since there was like 20 Elders to 4 Sisters!). 

After Zone Conference Tuesday we went on a walk/lesson with the Koberlings in the Brecksville Metroparks. It was SO beautiful! If any of you come to Ohio, definitely check out the Metroparks!

Wednesday the only really exciting thing was one of our investigators took us out to eat at a way delicious Pizza place. 

Friday- we were in North Olmstead on exchanges! I love North Olmstead! So in the morning, we helped a family move for a few hours. The Sisters have been working with the mom for a couple months now, and they're moving :(. I think they have 7 kids, and they are all hilarious! We had all four of us there to help, then two of the Elders came to help move all the heavy stuff. Then they ordered us all pizza! After that Sister Riffy and I went and taught a couple older guys (they're brothers) about the Plan of Salvation while they were working on their house! They asked a lot of really good questions (the sisters have talked to one of them before) and it went really well, even though they were drilling and hammering and such most of the time. :)

Then we had another missionary party at the church haha. Sister Larsen and Sister Ure (the senior Sisters that took us to Kirtland) few all four of us and the two Elders as well. Once again, sorry that my life revolves around food sometimes :)
The rest of the days were just random and normal. There were hours when we didn't talk to anyone, there were hours when we saw three or four people in a row. Yesterday, we knocked on a door, they looked at us, and told us to come back on Friday. What? We had barely given them a passalong card... AND they only spoke Spanish. Haha it was the weirdest thing ever and as soon as he closed the door we just started laughing SO hard! We have no idea if he's really going to be there Friday or not, but I'm really excited to find out! 

So yah. There's some random stories from my week. Hope you enjoyed them, and we'll talk to you again next week! 

Sister Maughan

p.s. Want to know the best news ever? The Fourth of July is on a Monday, a PREPARATION DAY! So we're planning a missionary barbecue. :)

    "This is Aniko! (Ah-nee-co). 
She's the one who lets us mow her lawn! Love her!" 
(Abby, Aniko and Sister Henderson).

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