Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oh my goodness I'm in Ohio! (part 2)

****First things first !!  Abby said to pass the word along that even though transfers are happening tomorrow, she is staying in the same apartment, so she welcomes any and all letters !! 

Sister Abby Maughan 
1000 Vineyard Drive Apt. 201
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147

Now here’s her letter for this week ! 

Sister Maughan and Sister Gibbs with Brad Wilcox.  He came to do a fireside 

there on Saturday May 28th.  Abby LOVED it !!  

How many life-changing events happen in the life of a missionary in one week? Basically a MILLION.

We had exchanges Wednesday, and it was exactly what I needed! I went to North Olmstead with Sister Ingo... and with Sister Loeza! Sister Loeza was in the MTC with me, so we've both been going through training and and adjusting to missionary life, so it was SO good to see her and hear her experiences. She was there because her companion is training again this transfer, and had to go to a meeting that Sister Loeza didn't need to go to. So she came to North Olmstead for the day. If (if that makes any sense :) ) Heavenly Father knew that we all needed just time to talk and learn from each other, so we got stuck in traffic A LOT that day. :) Another huge tender mercy was we were able to see Sister Ure and Sister Larsen- who are senior sisters serving in the North Olmstead area doing family history work. Sister Larsen came to Ohio about the same time I did, and some of her family actually lives in Hyrum. I even went to high school with some of her grandkids! She is just the sweetest little lady! 

But that turns into another tender mercy. So we were planning on going to Kirtland with the Backer family this Saturday, but in order to go we have to get someone to take us. We had tried about everyone we could think of, but no one could take us. So we continued to contact as many people as possible, all the way up until SATURDAY MORNING when we still didn't have a ride! And we were supposed to be leaving in 5 hours! We literally were just praying that we could find someone, because that's all we could do. That morning we went to mow Aniko's lawn ( I did it this time! First time I've ever ran a pushing lawnmower my friends. Cyber high-five!) and Sister Gibbs made some phone calls. I had the thought the night before to ask Sister Ure, since one of the Sister's we had asked a few weeks ago to take us to Kirtland when we went with Dennis gave us her number then. Long story short, Sister Ure and Sister Larsen agreed to take us, even though Saturday's are their preparations days! Seriously a huge sacrifice for them to make, but they were so perfect for the Backer family! It was SO hot at Kirtland (when it's hot in Ohio, it's HUMID) and the daughter ended up getting sick and we had to end the tour early, but they really enjoyed it! The dad even said he wants to come back and finish it sometime :) So good news there!

Sister Maughan, Sister Gibbs, and the Backer Family in Kirtland, Ohio

Sister Maughan, Sister Ure, Sister Larsen, and Sister Gibbs

Moving on, the BIGGEST news is obviously TRANSFERS! Sister Gibbs is headed off to Bowling Green to be a Sister Training Leader! She's going to do so great, but it's going to be SO weird to not have her here! We also found out that they are closing one of the Elder's areas in our district, so there will only be one set of elders and one set of sisters in our ward now! I'm so sad! :( 

Final picture of this mission district.  
Back row - Sister Gibbs, Sister Maughan, Elder Ellsworth and Elder Christiansen.
Front row - Elder Bettridge and Elder Brockbank.
(The ones in front are staying in the ward with me, the other two are both being transferred.)

My new companion is Sister Hemingway/Hemenway, I'm not positive. :) Actual transfers are tomorrow, so we'll all meet up at the Stake Center and switch around companions from there. So I'll have LOTS more info on her- and pics next week!

This whole week is going to bring a LOT of change, and it's really scary, but it's also really exciting! It amazes me how much trust Heavenly Father has in His missionaries! We're constantly changing things and meeting new people and adjusting to differences, and all the while we are helping those around us come closer to Him. This gospel truly helps EVERYONE, no matter who you are or where you came from and what trials you are going through.

Our day is pretty busy today, we're going to play sand volleyball with our zone one last time (since a TON of people are getting transferred. And our zone leader is actually going home tomorrow!). Then we have to spend a ton of time in our apartment so Sister Gibbs can pack up all her stuff. The plus side of that is I should have time to write lots of snail mail letters! :)

Hopefully that letter made somewhat sense, know I love you all and more importantly Heavenly Father loves you all!

CTR, Sister Maughan

A last picture of Sister Maughan and Sister Gibbs as companions, 
taken at the McDonalds where they shared a lot of ice cream cones for stress relief !!  
Love these two beautiful Sister Missionaries and I can't wait to see the good they do 
as they continue with their missions.  

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