Monday, May 16, 2016

Just another week in Ohio !

Had to start this blog off with this picture of Sister Maughan at the Kirtland Temple.  
She got to go there this week.  (See more pictures below !!)

This week was FUN! Which is great, because that's one of the companion goals we set this week. Goal accomplished!

First fun thing that happened, is that Wednesday we decided we were going to walk pretty much everywhere. Ended up literally being on our feet for about 3 and a half hours, because no one we talked to let us in to sit down haha :) We talked to a TON of people just on the streets though. You always get the "No thanks we're not interested" people, the people that will listen and take a card, the ones that tell us we're adorable and send us off with a "god bless you girls!" and then the ones that see us coming and pretend they needed to turn around so they don't have to talk to us. I love them all! A funny thing that happened was we walked all the way to our Spanish friends apartments, and they weren't home! :( And we'd even written out word for word what we wanted to say to them in Spanish. So we started walking back, and were passing the gas station when we hear someone say "Hey, hermanas!" We turn around, and ALL fifty (k there's only like 8 of them) of our spanish friends are packed inside this HUGE red van, waving at us! Haha we went over and gave them our written out dialogue, and we are meeting them tomorrow with a sister in our ward that speaks spanish! I'm way excited! 

Thursday was crazy, we had weekly planning (and went to get frozen yogurt again!), and saw Sheryl again. So far we've just been reading through the Book of Mormon with her, she'll read a chapter between appointments, we'll discuss it, read one with her, and then assign her the next one. The rest of our appointments fell through for the day, which was actually a tender mercy because we'd forgotten to plan in dinner. :) So we ate at Taco Bell! Then we had to head to Middleburg Heights to meet the North Olmstead sisters for exchanges! Which plot twist, both Sister Gibbs and I went to their area, so we basically had a big sleepover with the four of us. :) 

Sister Gibbs, Sister Maughan, Sister Ingo, and Sister Cox

So Thursday Sister Ingo and Sister Gibbs rode bikes, and Sister Cox and I got the car. We talked to SO many people. I love exchanges, because you learn SO much from just being somewhere different, seeing what the other sisters do the same or better. We had dinner at an Italian member's home, and we made homemade mini pizzas. Plus, the member used to work at a bakery, so we got angel food cake. I really love food. :)

Saturday, we can end on a more spiritual note! We went to KIRTLAND! We met with our investigator Dennis Tuesday night, and asked if he wanted to go to Kirtland sometime, and that sometime ended up being this Saturday. It was such an incredible experience, and the spirit there is so strong. I am so grateful to be in a mission where so many revelations were received for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There was a moment in the Newel K Whitney store, upstairs in the School of the Prophets, where I could just feel Heavenly Father's love for all his children so strongly. I KNOW that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ truly appeared to Joseph Smith all those years ago, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's restored gospel on the earth today.

Overall, this week I've just felt happier! Life has it's ups and downs, but this gospel stands still. 

Love you all!

Sister Maughan

Dennis, Amanda, Sister Gibbs, and Sister Maughan 
in front of the Newell K. Whitney store

The beautiful Kirtland Temple

Sister Maughan and Sister Gibbs at the Kirtland Temple. 
I love these girls so much and I'm so thankful they are such a great companionship ! 

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