Monday, May 23, 2016


For some reason, I feel like this week was AMAZING looking back on it, though it honestly was super hard and I really don't remember being all that happy during it...

But some WAY fun things happened!

So first, we have our investigator family (that came to church mother's day). Monday we planned on seeing all of them at our Bishop's house and doing a Family Home Evening with all of them. Except just the mom showed up! HUGE change of plans, but we ended up just re-teaching the restoration and it ended up going so well. The Bishop's family just jumped right in and we all learned together, and Bishop was able to help her recognize how she feels the spirit. It was awesome! Then fast forward to Thursday night, we were doing another lesson at the Bishop's house, and thought the mom would just come, but the whole family ended up coming. :) It was kind of a rough lesson, since we had to change our plans last minute again, but our bishop is just awesome and really fills in when we can't seem to teach it in a way they can understand! Oh joys of missionary life. However, I've really learned that Heavenly Father watches over and loves all his children, and so one not so great lesson on our part is NOT going to ruin everything. (I'm pretty much still learning that actually. Curse my perfectionist brain haha). We are planning on going to Kirtland with them THIS Saturday and I'm so excited! Also, Brad Wilcox is coming this Saturday, so Saturday is basically going to be the best day ever! 

Tuesday night I was probably on cloud-9 (I don't even know what that means for sure but it sounds right.) We FINALLY were able to set up an appointment with our Spanish Amigos at a time a member that speaks spanish could come. They let us in to the apartment, and we all sat on the floor (they don't have any furniture yet, so their living room space is just carpet!) in a circle. It started out with just three of them there, but as time went on they slowly all trickled in from either their bedrooms or outside somewhere and joined in. :) Sister Graff just translated the whole lesson for us, and added her own insights (she just returned from her mission 9 months ago so she's a pro missionary) and the spirit was so strong! The spirit truly is a universal language, and that's not something I ever knew until that night. It just makes me wish I could remember my spanish skills, I literally can't remember anything from the four years I took it in high school. :) Oh and the way fun thing is we ask one of them to say the closing prayer, and they always help each other say it. That Tuesday night, they all were just chiming in telling the guy that was saying to make sure he told God thanks for the food and laundry and family. :) Then we went over there on Thursday night too, and the one praying couldn't remember how to end it, and we didn't have to say anything- one of his friends jumped in and helped. They are all just awesome!

So wow this was a novel, and that's only like half of what happened this week! I love it! Looking forward to another week (It's probably the last full week I'll be with Sister Gibbs! Also her Birthday is this Sunday, random fact.) 

Every day on the mission is hard, and every day is incredible. 

Love, Sister Maughan

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