Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Everyone !

HELLO! It is a happy Monday! It's so weird how fast AND how slow they come around.

We got bikes this week :/ and I'm basically terrified to ride them. We don't have to ride bikes, but Sis Gibbs and I decided to get some so we can save on miles, plus it's easier to stop by people out on the street if we're riding by on bikes verses driving by them in a car. I just haven't ridden a bike in forever- I'm afraid I’m going to fall off! Haha I'm sure it'll be fine though, and who knows when we'll actually end up riding them.

Here's some random things that happened this week.

Malley's Chocolate! I bought a Buckeye candy today and it is DELICIOUS!

We taught one of our investigators at our bishops house, and it went really well! This investigator has a TON of questions that we don't know how to answer, so having the Bishop with us to help teach was perfect! The spirit was so strong, and we were able to testify that Jesus IS our savior and that by reading the Book of Mormon we can know for ourselves that that is true.  It's been super interesting to teach him, since he is Muslim and doesn't believe that Jesus Christ was anything more than a prophet. It's really put my testimony to the test, and because of that I've learned some INCREDIBLE things about Christ's Atonement. I can't even describe it.

Other than that, this week has been really random. One day all our plans fell through, so we just tracted for like 3 hours straight. And not anything too exciting came out of it. We just literally had nothing else to do, because if we drove anywhere else we would've ran out of miles for the month! We also had a day that was just really awkward. Missionary work is just awkward in general. We'll go knock on someone's door and they won't be home, and then we realize we have a phone call to make so we sit in front of their house in our car. And as we're on the phone they'll drive up, or come out of their house (so they really were home and just ignoring us haha). 

Also other random thing that happened yesterday before and during church. We met some Spanish speaking people a while ago, but haven't been able to contact them again. So Sunday we were in their area, and they were outside. So we went and talked to them (Sister Gibbs has a English to Spanish dictionary) and invited them to come to church! They said they would. So we spent the first few minutes of church trying to find someone who spoke Spanish, and waiting for them to show up. They never did, and we were super sad! We were really hoping one of our investigators would show up to church this week! But then, after Sunday School, the elders came up and were like "Is Sheryl your investigator"? We have NO idea who Sheryl is, so we tell them no. But guess what? Sheryl lives in our area, she met with the missionaries a long time ago and just showed up at church on her own! So now we have her contact information, and are going to see her this week! We never would've found her if she hadn't just come to church. That was a HUGE tender mercy from Heavenly Father!

Today we are going to the Koenneckes for dinner, some of their German friends will be there so I'm excited to see what they are going to feed us! Haha it's always something new with them. Except did I tell you one time we went over their they made GREEN CHICKEN?! That was so fun, cause I definitely know what that is! Theirs tasted a little different then yours, I think he used some different spices or something, but it still reminded me of home :)

Overall, it's just been an average week in the life of a missionary. Hope all is going well for you, love ya, and have an awesome week!

Love, Sister Maughan

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