Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm SUPER Tired :)

*****This first thing is from an e mail that Abby wrote to her Dad this week.
                             I loved it and wanted to share it here !

                              HEY! Guess what I did today???? Look at the picture and guess...

Yep! I de-clogged our sink!!! Aren't you so proud of me? It's been draining really slowly since we got here, and Sister GIbb's one day was like "we need to find someone who can unclog our sink" and I was like "I know how to!" We just haven't had time to do it until today. I felt like a pro :) Haha I had to do it in my dress because we were washing all our other clothes. So thanks for teaching me dad!

For P-day today, we went to the stake center and played volleyball with some of the other elders and sisters. For TWO hours straight pretty much. It was so much fun, but it was exhausting! We came straight to the library to email, so I'm like falling asleep while I write. :)

Oh this week. Let's see....
We had dinner twice this week with a family that isn't members. They were a referral from our bishop.  We went to their house Tuesday for dinner, they mentioned they were looking for a new kitchen table and we said we'd let them know if we heard of someone giving one away. The next day we have dinner at the Martin's (cute family that reminds me of Kelsie and Jeff haha) and they have all these big boxes in their living room. Turns out, they were getting a new kitchen table and trying to figure out what to do with their old one! Crazy right? So they invited us and this other family over for dinner Saturday, so they could look at the table. It was so much fun!

We also did service at a members home (I got to spray all the dandelions! Sister Gibbs took out some tall grass with this saw-like thing. It was pretty cool.) Then that same day, we mowed and fertilized someone's lawn for them! I'm just praying we didn't actually end up killing the grass or something... I guess we'll just have to wait and see! Basically, service is just awesome.

This is us doing service at one of our investigators houses at like 8:30 at night :)
Fun perks of missionary work !

Umm... I don't really know what else. It's weird cause when I wrote Wednesday I felt like I had so much to say, and now I just have no idea! Church was good yesterday. :) We had dinner at our Bishop's house.  ----Oh I know a random thing I can tell you! This week they had Time Out for Women in like Cincinnati or somewhere kind of close. So about 14 sisters from our ward all went. And DAVID ARCHULETA was there. Basically, I need to get a hold of all those sisters and see if they took any pictures with him haha :) Our Bishops wife went and she said it was AMAZING (of course it was, Time Out is ALWAYS amazing!).

I kind of forget sometimes that I'm not the only missionary from Paradise. The other day I was on LDS tools (they have my Ohio ward on there and our home ward) and looked at all the missionaries our ward has! I forgot some of them existed!  It's crazy to think we all came from the same place and are all over the world, having totally different experiences but still learning the same things.

I had a good week, it obviously had its ups and downs, but I still LOVE missionary work and I love being in Ohio. And I love the amazing support system I have.

Well I think that's all for now! Love you all! The church is true!

Sister Maughan

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