Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm Still ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! Sister Maughan speaking from the dust ;) Haha it's been an AWESOME week! I seriously just love missionary work more and more ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Jordan Gibbs and Sister Abby Maughan !

                         **This was taken at a District meeting.  the elders were taking a picture, 
                                 so Abby decided to take a "selfie" of them taking a picture !!!

So first, the reason I didn't write Monday, is because this week is transfers. Which means I'm not the newest newby in the mission anymore!!!! So because it's transfers, p-day is switched to Tuesday. The reason I didn't write Tuesday, is because Sister Gibbs and I switched our p-day to be able to go to the temple today. We're only allowed to go to the temple for ourselves once in April and once in October, every other time it has to be with a recent convert or a less active member. But since we have to get a member to take us to the temple, we are allowed to switch our pday to whatever day works best for them. 

So basically today is pday, then it will be back to normal Monday. So really, to make up for hearing from me later this week, you'll get to hear from me sooner next week. Kind of :)

So first, The temple was AMAZING. Like always. I just love the temple. The peace and love you feel there is just indescribable. We are so blessed in Utah to have so many close by! I'm so grateful I took the opportunity, the privilege, to go so often before I came out! We went with Sister Bruening and Sister Mckenzie, both who are not in our actual area but are in our ward. They are so cute and we will love them forever for taking us!

Sister Maughan and sister Gibbs looking HAPPY 
to be on their way to the Columbus, Ohio Temple !!

April 20, 2016 - Abby and Sister Gibbs got to take a trip to the Columbus temple 
thanks to these two sisters in their ward.  Sister Mckenzie is on the left, Sister Jordan Gibbs, 
Sister Abby Maughan, and Sister Bruening on the right.

Sister McKenzie, Sister Gibbs, Sister Maughan and Sister Bruening 
at the Columbus, Ohio Temple.

Sister Maughan and Sister Gibbs
on the grounds of the Columbus, Ohio Temple. 

Anyways, quick recap of what happened since I wrote last. 
We had exchanges again, this time I stayed in our area and Sister Gibbs went to North Olmstead. It started out as a rough day, because we only had one set appointment, and no other plans. We stopped by a ton of people, and talked to a lot of them for like 2 minutes but that was it. Sister Ingo (the sister I was on exchanges with) and I were just like wandering around trying to figure out what to do! :) We finally stopped by a family that is getting some help from the bishop store house right now and talked to the mom for a good half hour. They aren't members, and they are so nice! Sister Gibbs and I went back to their house yesterday because they invited us over for dinner! It was their way of giving back to the church, since we are helping them. They have two of the coolest cats I have ever met, plus this little baby guinea pig. Everyone in Ohio loves their pets!

Also on exchanges, and again with Sister Gibbs this week, we have been teaching a man named Dennis, who is Muslim. He is HILARIOUS! When we first met him, he told us "I'm Dennis, but not the Menace" so that is his official nickname right now. We meet him at Dunkin Doughnuts, and have some of my favorite conversations with him so far. Mostly we talk about differences and similarities between religions, and they believe a lot of things we do! How he describes it, is that there is just 10% difference of beliefs, the other 90 is all the same. He is super willing to learn, and is really smart! What I love the most is we can joke around with him, and still have really incredible conversations and lessons as well!

Ok this has been not so brief, and I want to have time to respond to some individual emails, so I'll stop for now! But I'll write again Monday :) I think I say this every week, but thank you so much for all your support and love! It really is what gets me through the day sometimes! Snail mail letters are the best (hint hint) cause I can get them anytime! And I actually got a lot of them this week, so keep up the good work haha ;)


Sister Maughan

I love the temple! Ahhh going today made me miss Logan a little. The Colombus temple is just a baby, they don't even have any stairs it's all one floor! It's so cute.  I just realize more and more how blessed I was to live "in the West" with the Saints! :) I'm so grateful we have that opportunity to do saving ordinances for people who didn't get the chance to accept it while they were here on earth. I would be so worried and sad if that wasn't true! 

Abby at the Columbus, Ohio Temple

Sister Gibbs and Sister Maughan 
at the Columbus, Ohio Temple

So let me just rant and rave to you today how much I love missionary work, because that's really how I feel right now! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful to be out here!!!!!!!!! Every day is hard, and there are still some mornings I just cry, but EVERY DAY Heavenly Father reminds me why I'm out here. I'm surrounded by tender mercys. 

Abby's First District in Ohio
Back row - Elder Elsworth, Elder Christiansen, Sister Maughan, sister Gibbs.
Front row - Elder Wall and Elder Bettridge. 

Sister Gibbs and Sister Maughan
I LOVE seeing those smiles !!!

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