Monday, April 4, 2016

I really LOVE general conference

Wow. This week was a tough one. But looking back, we had SO many miracles occur.
Monday and Tuesday were just ho-hum, nothing too crazy happened. Then Wednesday, all these little tender mercies occurred!

First, Wednesdays are our service days, where we go to the Bishop Store House and help put orders together or whatever else they want us to do. Plus they feed us, which is always a bonus. :) After that, we usually try to find somewhere to study, but for some reason we decided to just contact a few people in Brecksville (that's where the storehouse is) and study at home after. We were trying to figure out who to visit that wouldn't use too many of our miles, since we are only allowed to drive so many miles a month. However, pretty much everyone was far away. Long story short, we just chose one anyways, they ended up being home and we sat on their front porch and talked to them! Funny how small that sounds, but it really doesn't happen very often. He is a less-active member, but loves talking to missionaries and members, and he raises the cutest dogs! They are called Sheba-Enus I think, they kind of look like foxes, and I want one! :) I even got his business card so I can call him one day in the future when I need my own dog! Other tender mercy is there was someone the elders before us were teaching that we've never been able to contact. We decided to stop by her house, just as she was pulling into her driveway! We talked for a few minutes and will be helping her clean our her garage this Saturday. Crazy how timing works out like that.

Then every day in our mission, we have what is called "Finding Time". Basically, we don't schedule any teaching appointments during 5-6:30, and we just go talk to new people about the gospel. Wednesday, we decided to tract a few apartment buildings, and ended up meeting a TON of really humble and fun people who invited us to come back. 

Okay, we can move on now. Thursday morning was really rough. I was super stressed and discouraged and just had no idea how this day was going to be any good at all. We had a really important lesson planned for that night, and I just felt like I couldn't do it. Sister Gibbs and I took about an hour at McDonalds to just talk things over while I drank an orange juice. It is crazy how hard Satan works against missionary work in any way he can. But I loved what Elder Holland said in his talk yesterday- if we are just TRYING our very best, God really will bless us, and Satan can't win! I'm so grateful to know that we are on the winning side of this battle! 

So yah, it was a good talk. :) The lesson I was so worried about that night was at a member's home. They have a friend who was interested in learning more about our church, and invited us all over for dinner and to talk about it. The best part, was that the members- including their kids- basically just taught the lesson for us, and touched her heart in ways we never could have. I had nothing to worry about. Missionary work seriously is the best when members are involved!

We had some other awesome things happen but I'm going to run out of time! Just know, that missionary work is awesome.

I hope you all watched conference and loved it! I can't believe how powerful ALL the messages were this weekend. I really felt a special spirit this time, whether that's because I'm on a mission or just because it was AMAZING.

So I have a challenge for you all. :) Pick your favorite conference quote or talk... share it on social media or text it to someone and explain why you liked it! Also, send it to me if you want. :)

Love you all and have an incredible week!

Sister Maughan

Abby wrote "Doing puzzles in our free time, and enjoying the BOAT load of candy and sweets we got from packages/members. Happy super late Easter. :) "

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