Monday, April 11, 2016

"Ohio Roller Coaster Ride"

Hello anyone and everyone! This week has been quite the ride (pretty much every week is though. It's basically the coolest, craziest, scariest, MOST FUN roller coaster you could ever ride. Get on :) ) 

First, I literally have no idea what I told you all last week, so if I repeat myself you can feel free to just deal with it... :)

Second, this Sunday I'll have been gone for TWO MONTHS. It feels like an eternity, and also like it went by SUPER fast. I only have 16 months left!! Where did the time go?

This week was pretty great actually. Tuesday we stopped by our Sassafrass friends, but the mom wasn't home so we came back an hour later. During that hour, we stopped by a lady named Suzette. She has three dogs, and once again we had some divine intervention where she pulled into her driveway RIGHT AFTER we pulled up in front of her house. It is crazy how often that happens. One of the first things she said to us was "You're here AGAIN?" (we've stopped by a few times before but she was either not home or too busy to talk to us." She wasn't really interested at first, but as we talked to her, she really opened up to us. By the end she gave us both a huge hug, and promised to check out the mormon.orgwebsite. It's so awesome to see how Heavenly Father softens hearts, even if it's just little things like that.

We taught our Sassafrass friends about the Plan of Salvation, after a good 30 minute talk on how crazy their life was going. They are so nice though, and still continue to tell us they are going to come to church sometime soon. :)

Another fun thing happened Thursday. We were tracting around an area before our dinner appointment, and I really just felt like we were supposed to be somewhere else. I had a pretty good idea of where we were supposed to be too, but I was too worried it wouldn't work out that I didn't want to tell Sister Gibbs. Long story short, we drove right past the house I thought we should go to, kept driving, and ended up getting stuck in the mud on the side of the road! Haha it wasn't anything too crazy, and HUGE tender mercy a guy with a tow truck just happened to be driving by to pull us out. But I kind of feel like it was Heavenly Father's way of saying "follow the promptings of the spirit!" Who knows what would've happened if we went to that house, maybe they wouldn't have even been home? But by not following it, we ended up somewhere totally unexpected. At least we still made it to our dinner appointment on time! :)

Well that's probably it for this week, though of course there's tons more I could say. Still love all of you, go do something fun this week, and "choose the harder right!"

Love, Sister Maughan

                          Abby and her companion Sister Gibbs.  These pictures were taken on April 4, 2016 
                          on their p day.  Abby LOVES crepes and this was the first time she made them on 
                          her mission !!  Smiles all around !

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