Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 3/4........basically I've been on my mission a WHOLE MONTH plus a few days !!

Hello everyone!!! So crazy that I've officially been out a whole month now! It seems both shorter and longer than that... time is SOOO weird on a mission! I love it!

So this week was really cool! It's amazing to see how Heavenly Father works in each of our lives, and it really has been the gradual and small tender mercies that help me each and every day. 

Tuesday this week was probably the most adventurous day! We have District Meeting at our church (it's in Seven Hills for those of you googling my area haha) every Tuesday, and this week our Zone Leaders came too! My district is just Sis Gibbs, me, and 4 other elders (Elder Christiansen-except they say it Chris-TEN-sen. it's weird. Then Elder Wall. And I don't actually remember the other two right now but I"ll get back to that. They're all pretty cool.) After out District Meeting, we went to lunch together in Cleveland at this place called "The Melt". Apparently it's pretty famous. Basically they just have crazy weird sandwiches, and they DEEP FRY the entire sandwich after they make it. Super delicious, though probably not the healthiest thing in the world. :) After that, we actually taught a lesson!!! I get so excited when that happens! And nervous... It's with this 20 year old kid named Taras, we met him reading his bible at Starbucks if I haven't mentioned him before. (And we were getting hot chocolate obviously... I feel like I did tell you this already. oh well). So yah we taught him at the library, and he agreed to meet with us EVERY TUESDAY from now on! So cool! He still seems a little skeptical about things for right now, but we are definitely going to change that. Also,Tuesday night we went to a Youth Bible Study... it was really good. We're planning on continuing to go to that too and hopefully peak some of the youth's interest in our church.
The next exciting thing happened Saturday, when we taught another lesson (What?!) in someone's home (again! so cool!). It was the person we met on Sassafrass and his mom (he's like 40, she's probably in her 60s). They are the kindest people ever. We taught them the Restoration, and once again they said they'd be interested in coming to church. I definitely am excited to continue meeting with them!

Other than that, there were lots of little miracles and blessing and tender mercies that happened this week that really just kept me moving forward. I'm learning to truly love the people here, and being here! "Slowly, but surely" was Sis Gibbs and our motto yesterday at church when everyone kept asking us questions. It's so true. God's timing is SO important, and if we can just put out trust in Him, life really does have it's way of working out, even if it's slower than we want. 

Being on the mission for a month has really just taught me the importance of doing the little things in our lives. Prayer really works. Going to church truly brings peace and blessings. Reading our scriptures is how we can learn. And serving others... that's truly where it all just ties together. There's a reason we have ALL these opportunities in our lives, and they really are just blessings in disguise. 

Thank you all so much for your love and support! I hope you are all doing well, and know that Heavenly Father is watching out for you! 

Love, Sister Maughan

p.s. Yesterday there was a fireside by a man named Paul Cardall, apparently he's a famous LDS piano player. He is SOO good! And his story is really incredible. You should look him up. :)

Sister Gibbs, Paul Cardall (pianist), and Abby

Sister Gibbs and Sister Maughan at the library e mailing home !! 
(I love and miss that cute face !!)

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