Monday, March 14, 2016

Warm weather is better :)

Haha IDK where that heading came from but I'm sticking to it.

This week has been super interesting crazy awesome and fun! And like always, I honestly can't tell you all of it, or remember all of it. Missionaries have tons to think about, be nice the ones in your home wards. :) Actually just be nice to all of them, cause they are awesome. 

Anyways, so the biggest thing that happened this week was we taught a lesson.... in Assyrian. Or Arabic. Not quite sure which. :) Haha so we tracted into this family one night, but they spoke really little English, but we got the gist that they were Christians, we were Christians, and we wanted to talk to them about Christ. They are so nice and just let us in and talked to us, which like hasn't happened before! Anyways, so we stopped by their house one night this week, and were teaching the mom- Sarah- a little bit by using pictures. Then she mentioned that her pastor that speaks both English and Assyrian was coming that night to teach, plus her siblings and their families, and invited us to come too! So we taught them all about the book of mormon, with their pastor translating for us the entire time. It was pretty hilarious! 

Another thing happened on Sassafrass road. Sister Gibbs and I are both pretty sassy, so when we drove by this road, we wanted to go back and take a picture by the sign. :) And tract there, obviously. So we did, and there was this guy out cleaning his truck, so we stopped and talked to him. We told him who we were, and kind of introduced the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, and invited him to come to church. He was really excited about it, and told us he really believes God sent us to him that day, because he had just been thinking about coming back to church. So that was cool. They didn't come this Sunday, but hopefully we can still work with them both this week and something good will come out of it! 

Basically, missionary work is weird, but it's cool. And like I said before, people in Ohio talk A LOT, if they are willing to talk to you. Also, there's a lot of random little ceramic geese on people's front porches here. And real geese and deer that walk around everywhere and think they own the place. There were seriously deer on someone's front porch the other day, just chillin. I thought Avon had a lot of deer... 

Anyways... it's been a good week of learning and trying and failing and trying again and just learning to trust in the people around me and more importantly the Lord. I've still got lots more learning to do, and I'm so excited to see what this week brings!!

Hope you are all doing well!
Sister Maughan

Sister Maughan and Sister Gibbs show a little Sass !!  

Abby found her road !!  

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