Monday, March 28, 2016

Subject lines take too long to think abuot

Hello everyone! This week has been really awesome!
First, this Tuesday was Zone Conference! I think there are like 12 missionaries in our zone, maybe less. The conference was really good, we just talked a lot about how we can improve, how awesome we already are, etc, etc. :) 

Then right after Zone Conference, we did exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. For those of you who don't know cause I didn't really, it's basically where we just swap companions with another set of missionaries for the day. I was with Sister Cox, and we had so much fun! I just came back more motivated and ready to work hard!

Another exciting thing that happened is we got to teach someone on Friday with one of the recent converts in our ward. It went really well, (except for the fact that the lady's dogs were ALL over the place... I've never been licked so much in my life :p) Haha the people in Ohio LOVE their dogs. Literally, almost everyone has at least two or three that just live in their house with them like humans. I was telling Sister Gibbs, it would've been nice to have that information in my call packet so I could mentally prepare myself. "You are being called to a place where dogs will jump all over your lap and you will be required to just deal with it." :)

The most exciting thing that happened is... we had a baptism!!! We met this guy a few weeks ago, and he was just all for baptism, so the sooner the better right?
Haha ok, we honestly had nothing to do with it. His name is Brother Lurz, and he has been a work in progress for about 8 years! He's been coming to church every week for the last year, has had a calling for probably 6 months of that or more (even though he wasn't a member yet!), and really just was already a member and just hadn't been baptized yet. Him and his wife are so solid (she's a ward missionary and is in charge of planning our meals and stuff, so we talk to them a lot) and everyone, Sister Gibbs and I included, just loves them as soon as you meet them. (that sentence sounds weird but oh well)

So yah. Lot's of cool things happened this week! Hope all is well with you back home!

Sister Maughan

                                                               Twinning is Winning

Abby wrote -- Since we had exchanges Tuesday, Sister Gibbs and I deciding to match so we would still be "together". haha everyone at Zone Conference kept asking us if we planned to match... um duh! :)

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